End of seasons

One of our reasons for coming to Sweden was in order to experience our second white Christmas. Mirinda had mentioned it to quite a few locals who have, almost completely, hoped the opposite.

Well, phooey to them.

The snow started at about 11 and continued all day. We went for two walks in it. The Duck Walk and around the block. It was lovely. And we weren’t alone. There were quite a few other, jolly wanderers taking in the cold, crisp air and exchanging god juls.

There were other Christmas greetings during the day, from further afield. Mirinda had a Skype session with Fi and the kids while I had a 40 minute Zoom Weasel Toast.

For reasons beyond me, I forgot to take a screenshot. Fortunately, Lorna did.

Lindy was showing us her snowglobe gin and Tom had just returned from a socially distanced carol service with a pre-recorded organ. I didn’t deliberately look like a tomte.

Though not a substitute for the plans we had originally had for 2020, it was a lovely way to toast our individual Christmas homes.

For Fi, it was her first Christmas in her new house up Tamborine Mountain (or Mount Tamborine, I can never remember which). Bob and Judy had visited and it looked like they all had a great day.

In the meanwhilst Denise and Trace were sunning themselves at Hamilton Island.

In terms of Christmas presents, the girls gave us the best one of all. They have both finished their seasons. Which means, we can leave them with the Perfect Swedish Family again while we go gallivanting around Stockholm.


By the way, our first white Christmas was way back in 2000 when we went to Kastelruth with Bob and Claire. Sadly, this was before I started keeping a journal. Hopefully, I’ll never forget it.

We had attended the carol service/midnight mass in the church opposite the town square and, as we emerged from the church, the snow started. The next morning we woke to a beautiful blanket of snow, covering everything. We walked around the town wishing everyone a merry Christmas, enjoying it thoroughly.

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