Something wicker this way came

As I sat at the dining table, researching a long time dead soldier, there came a light tap, tap, tap at the window. It was dark outside. All I could see was the vague outline of a skinny man gesturing to me that I should open the front door. It was unexpected. But, on the other hand, it was hoped for.

It was also the culmination of a rather quiet day.

I had a recording of the Arena magazine to record with Ann, Clive and Charles in the morning which took all of an hour and a half but, otherwise, all was quiet on the Swedish Front.

We did discover that our house sitters have each gone home to their separate parents for Christmas. Mirinda thinks they may have ‘broken up’. Whatever the reason, they must have escaped England on the cusp of the new, variant strain of the plague.

Most of Europe has closed its borders against Britain at the moment because of the infectious nature of the new variant. Planes, boats, trains out of Britain are being stopped. Trucks are lining the M20 on the approach to Dover as the ferries stop.

The Brexit Ideal, slightly early

Total isolation from the biggest and best trading bloc in the world. Some people must be utterly overjoyed. There’ll be no oranges in their Christmas stockings.

Consequently, a lot of Brexit supporters blamed the EU for causing this mess. Even though the variant festered and grew in the English south-east.

Of course, the prime minister lied about it all. He claimed, in a press conference, that there had been 500 trucks parked on the M20 but this has been reduced to about 170. There was actually more like 1,000 trucks parked on the M20 with many drivers worried that they’d not be home for Christmas.

I’m convinced that the Tories couldn’t give a fart in a blizzard for the plight of the lorry drivers. Or the British public, come to that. “Christmas“, the Tory Grinch claims, “is humbug!

And, speaking of Christmas, the tap, tap, tap at the window, heralded the delivery of Mirinda’s yearly wicker basket from the board of which she’s a non-exec member.

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