A barrack centre resembling a wild western city

I am not your normal shopping centre person. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I dislike shopping centres. I’m definitely more a High Street Shopper and Browser. Mind you, if I had to go to a shopping centre, Nacka Forum is not too bad.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Apparently, Nacka Forum is not just one of Stockholm’s biggest, it’s also been voted the favourite shopping destination in customer surveys over the years.

The building that sits there now opened in 1989. Before that, the first shopping centre was, in Google Translated English “…a barrack center that most closely resembled a wild western city…” Obviously, I don’t have a photo of that one. Sadly.

It was tarted up a bit in 2007. Inside, TARDIS-like, the place is T-shaped over three floors. I walked up and down and all around but still didn’t see every shop. There is, after all, 114 of them.

I was particularly keen to visit Clas Ohlson. We had been told by a very helpful staff member, that the Clas Ohlson at Tyresö Centrum was a ‘compact’ store, meaning it only had a small selection of available products. The helpful staff member wasn’t kidding. The Clas Ohlson at Nacka Forum is a city in itself.

The two most important things I haven’t been able to find elsewhere were a plug for the kitchen sink and a ratchet screwdriver. Well, I found them in Clas Ohlson without any problem at all.

The other thing I’ve despaired in finding was a spiraliser. I wouldn’t have a clue what to ask for apart from anything else. I’ve searched every store at Tyresö Centrum in vain. Well, I need search no more. A very swish, Norwegian kitchen shop on the bottom level of Nacka, imaginatively called Kitch’n, sold me a beautiful one.

Retail shops aside, there are also 18 places where you can eat and drink. I didn’t see many places to eat, apart from the rather novel Hawaiian Street Food vendor. I’m not that keen on pineapple on everything, so I opted instead for Espresso House (I’m such a creature of habit) when I felt the need for refreshment.

Like Star Trek’s three-dimensional chess, Espresso House rises up the escalators.

I sat in the middle section and didn’t really enjoy my latte with nougat syrup. Of course, they didn’t have hazelnut and when she offered the novelty of nougat, I couldn’t say no. I could now. It was not pleasant at all. And I love nougat.

I also popped into the very big Hem Kop for some essential bits and pieces before heading back outside to find and sit at the bus stop for the long ride home.

The 840 from Gudö to Nacka Forum is a great bus if you have a book. Or someone to talk to. Fortunately I had an engrossing book. Actually, the toughest thing was finding the return bus stop. Or, rather, how to get to it.

The bus stops in both directions are either side of a motorway bridge with four lanes of traffic between them. And there’s no pedestrian crossing within sight.

Fortunately, some genius decided to build a little path with stairs and ramps either side. This path goes beneath the overpass and connects the two bus stops. As well as a bus stop on the motorway beneath.

It wasn’t that difficult to get across the road, and I was soon sitting, under the shelter, waiting the ten minutes for the next bus home.

It was a lovely adventure.

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