Double doggy diaper day

I went to the pet shop again today. It is with great dismay that I have to report that the staff have suddenly started wearing masks. As I entered the shop, two women customers were leaving, both wearing masks. And I noticed more masks around the shopping centre. I’m calling it mask creep and just hope it’s not going to become the norm. I don’t want to move country. Again.

There was also a new announcement on the buses I caught. SL is working hard to get the buses back to normal so people can once more touch in rather than travel free. I think they are going to enclose the drivers in perspex screens. At the moment, all passengers enter by the back doors. The new measures will allow entrance by the more conventional front of the bus.

I was visiting the pet shop because Emma has decided to start her season as well. Which means another diaper was required. Which also means the two of them are a week apart, which is a bit of a blessing because it reduces the overall time we have to keep a stricter than normal eye on both or one of them.

And I’m happy to announce that Emma was a lot better behaved when it came to putting the diaper on. Freya still carries on a bit but Emma just went with it. She’s such a good girl and I have no idea what we did to deserve such a dog. Particularly now she’s stopped her barking nonsense.

I was a bit unlucky (again) on my choice of bus back from shopping. It was once more full of kids on their way to sport. Today it was ice hockey. Interestingly, it was mainly boys, and they all spoke Swedish unlike the girls the other day and their perfect English.

I really need to time the buses better if I want a quiet trip back.

In saying that, my timing was impeccable when it came to walking back to the house. I managed to meet Mirinda on her way back from the Duck Walk. We walked back to the house together.

The other thing I bought today was a loaf tin. Mirinda has asked for a paleo loaf and, as well as some of the harder to find ingredients, I said I’d need something to cook it in. I found one in Clas Ohlson, along with another pack of tea lights. We are going through a lot of tea lights.

The Swedes love a lot of candles. We’re currently watching Bonus Family, a Swedish comedy/drama about a couple who both have children from previous marriages. The last couple of episodes we’ve watched have been around Christmas and the number of candles per scene is extraordinary. Had we watched Bonus Family in the UK, it would have seemed excessive but over here, at this time of year, it’s just normal behaviour.

Like the Christmas lights twinkling in the neighbourhood as we take our evening constitutional before dinner.

I then attended a WFA webinar while Mirinda read then went to bed early.

This week’s webinar was titled “A Horrid nightmare: 28th Division and the Battle for the Hohenzollern Redoubt, September to October 1915” which is a long title by anyone’s reckoning. Mind you, it was a rather long, drawn out battle.

The lecture was given by Dr Spencer Jones who was very, very good. A man who not only knows his subject from end to end but also enjoys the relating of it.

While not a particular pleasant subject, it was fascinating when it came to the two main characters in the talk. Major-General Edward Bulfin and Lieutenant-General Sir Hubert Gough did not get on. From their first meeting it was clear they were both from opposing sides which is fascinating when they were in a battle against another opposing side, the Germans.

In the questions afterwards, Dr Jones made the point that a lot of British senior officers were alpha males. I guess it was just a couple of silver back gorillas proving their superiority and, when two were in a room together, it was a bit like a war within a war.

And the questions, once again, were an excellent way of rounding out the story.

All in all, it was another excellent webinar where I once more realised how much I don’t know about the First World War. It’s staggering.

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