Back on the Slab

There was a big surprise in our letterbox today. In all the time we’ve been here, we’ve only had one piece of mail. I check every day but come up empty handed. Then, today, I opened the lid and there was a parcel. For me!

Naturally it was dark outside (being after 2:30 in the afternoon) so I bought the small, book sized packet inside. I ripped the parcel open, having first ascertained that it was addressed to me, of course.

Not only was the parcel book sized, it was actually a book. And a t-shirt.

Yes! The long, eagerly awaited, sequel to the magnificent Slab Life by Nick Cansfield. You can grab your own copy from Amazon by clicking here.

And that, dear reader, was the only exciting thing that happened to me today.

Conversely, on the painful front, Mirinda strained her back while attaching Freya’s lead. She was out walking at Flaten. She slowly, ever so slowly, staggered back to Max and managed to drive home. That did it for her for the rest of the day. Consequently, there was no guitar tonight.

Fortunately, she had managed to go to the café first thing so the day wasn’t completely ruined. But the rest of the day was spent in great pain and discomfort.

The girls, rather than getting another walk, had to be content with chasing sticks around the back of the house while I sat on a frozen plastic chair.

Oh, in the excitement of Slab Life 2, I almost forgot my t-shirt. It is one of the infamous Cabinet of Arseholes shirts of truth, created and sold by News Thump. Get yours here.

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