Festive hedge

The dining chairs have done for me! Today, obviously spending far too long in one, my back complained to the point where I had to lie down for a bit. They really are very uncomfortable. Consequently, I’m writing this sat at Mirinda’s desk, on her ergonomic chair. It’s decidedly comfortable.

I’m not sure why I spent so much time sitting down today. Perhaps it’s cumulative and I’ll need to spend a few days avoiding the dining chairs. I’m very tempted to buy a comfortable dining chair just for my back.

I did get out of the chair long enough to go for a walk just before sunset.

Mirinda had already taken the girls to the forest early on. The morning was so beautiful that she didn’t want to miss it. She took a different track and spent a good hour and a half wandering around the deserted woods, singing to herself.

She told her hairdresser that she often wandered around the woods singing to herself. The hairdresser said if she came across someone singing loudly to herself in the woods she’d make a real effort to avoid them. I suggested that the reason why Mirinda didn’t see anyone this morning was because she was singing loudly to herself.

Our walk, late on, was not an occasion for joyful singing. Not because we weren’t joyful but because it was along the roads to the lake and beside the river where the multitude of ducks provided a raucous chorus of quackery.

Mirinda asked me if I knew the collective noun for ducks. I didn’t, off-hand, but have since discovered that it’s a flock. That’s incredibly dull. Given the propensity of these ducks for wandering all over the road and into people’s front gardens and plus the way they quickly run away when approached by a cockerpoo, I’ve decided that the collective noun should be a waddle. A waddle of ducks. Much better than flock.

I note that the burnt out building that I reported on the other day has almost completely disappeared. Today a grader was getting rid of the last bits and pieces of concrete behind the safety of Heras fencing.

I don’t know why the sizeable pile of logs remains in place. Maybe there’s going to be a big Christmas pyre.

Back at home we had an unexpected surprise.

At some point, our landlady (I assume) had strung up some Christmas lights in the hedge just outside the small terrace off the kitchen. It was very festive.

A little later, we also discovered that the Welcome sign outside had, what appeared to be, a candle in it and was beaming out a warm and cheerful golden glow.

Most of the houses in our street are already festooned with fairy lights. I realise it’s a bit earlier than we’re used to but, with the sun going down so early, it’s quite a bit nicer than the dark.

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