God gets his hand back

The weather turned today. From hovering around the zero mark, it suddenly warmed up. It was 9° for most of the day. There was a bit of drizzle to go with it but I only needed the one t-shirt.

Not that I left the house much. I was busy with housework until Mirinda suddenly finished a meeting and announced it was fish soup time. This meant we were off to Norrbys for a bowl of lovely soupy goodness for lunch.

There’s a sign on the front gate at Norrbys that we took to mean that you couldn’t take dogs. Because of this sign, we leave the girls at the house every Wednesday. Then, last week, we saw dogs there and everyone seemed happy about it.

Mirinda asked one of the staff today about bringing dogs. She said that dogs were more than welcome. When quizzed about the sign on the front gate, she told us that it meant that dogs were not allowed to go to the toilet.

I can only think that this is because outside the café is like a private garden and, I figure, most dogs would see it as a perfectly acceptable loo.

The sign, when translated by Google reads ‘Resting forbidden’ so I’m guessing that ‘Resting’ in this context is a euphemism.

Possibly the biggest news today was that Maradona died. He was only 60 and had a heart attack. He looked a right mess. I guess that’s what comes from too much alcohol, cocaine and cheating.

News reports are claiming he was possibly the greatest football player that ever lived. If this is so then why did he claim the goal that he scored with his hand? He even admitted he did it, suggesting it wasn’t cheating but cheeky. Yes, he was a brilliant footballer but a lousy sportsman.

Skill alone doesn’t make a successful sportsperson, it’s also about fairness and honour. It says a lot that people venerate cheats.

Leaving the mediocrity of football to wallow in its misplaced hero worship…tonight, while making dinner, I enjoyed possibly my favourite IPA. Ever.

Beer Review

I didn’t know it was my favourite until I opened it and took my first sip.

Brewed at Göteborgs Nya Bryggeri on the west coast of Sweden, a bit south of Stockholm, this crisp, sunshiny IPA is full of the promise of a field of barley. I swear, you can even hear the bubbling brook running beside the field.

There are citrus notes galore and a good crisp finish. It’s a perfect IPA and I love it. Okay, at 5.9% it’s not, exactly, a session beer but for the IPA lover, it fits the bill perfectly.

And, of course, there’s the ‘owl’ thing which had me sending the label image to Weasels everywhere.

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