Do you have spiky balls?

A drizzly, damp day with rare moments of no rain. The temperature was low as well. All in all a good day to spend doing the laundry. And not leaving the house.

Mirinda left the house a few times. She took the girls for damp wanders around the streets a couple of times. She also went to her favourite café for a coffee, a bit of work and a Swedish language lesson with the woman behind the counter.

I managed to work out upstairs in the recording studio cum freezer but, basically, I ploughed through laundry mountain like I do every week.

Apart from making dirty clothes clean and shivering upstairs, I also managed to get the fire working. That sounds like something any fool could do but it doesn’t allow for the rather odd configuration of the fire.

Rather than being able to light the fire from the bottom, underneath the wood, the traditionally vertical fire meant I had to light it from the top. (It might be that the little drawer at the bottom is broken and normally one would light it from there.)

However, the challenges presented by a vertical fire were defeated and, after not very long, I had a fire blazing and the living room (or Mirinda’s Office as it is called during the day) was toasty warm.

I was quite pleased with myself, having never been a Boy Scout or anything remotely outdoorsy.

Something else that has made Mirinda more comfortable in her daytime office is a little pink ball which sits behind her back. It was recommended by at least two of her work colleagues when she said she’d been experiencing back pain.

This was mostly from the chairs in this house and was helped by getting the ergonomic chair however, this little therapeutic ball seems to be helping a great deal.

She bought it at the sports store in Tyresö Centrum on Sunday. She walked up to a male sales assistant and asked him if he had spiky balls. Without any hint of irony or medical issue, he smiled and said he did. He then led her to a big display of various coloured, spiky balls. Mirinda chose the pink one.

In the late afternoon, I started making dinner (lasagne) and enjoyed an IPA, like I usually do. The name of the beer was quite funny and I thought that Dawn would appreciate it, so I sent her a photo. She then, after a chuckle, suggested I write a review of the various beers I’m having here.

So, here’s the first one.

Beer Review

Peter, Pale and Mary is made by Danish brewery, Mikkeller. The label claims it is a folk pale ale and I could imagine quaffing a few during, say a Kate Rusby concert or Hannah Scott gig. Actually, I could imagine myself quaffing a few while doing anything. It is very quaffable.

At 4.6% it is a lovely session beer with a slight malty finish rather than the fresh citrus generally found in a light IPA. While the usual citrus finish of most IPAs is great in the summer, this one works really well as the nights draw in and the temperature drops.

The story of Mikkeller is a jolly good read. You can read about it here: Mikkeller – How it started. And, personally, I’d like to thank Mikkel Borg Bjergsø for all the beers he tasted before making his own. The experience has proven invaluable in knowing what a good beer tastes like and making his own taste just as good.

I’ll see if I can find any other Mikkeller beers at my local Systembolaget and get back soon.

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