Island rain

We managed to get soaked on the way from Sophie’s flat to Shanklin Station. It was like Australian rain – not the usual soft, non-wetting, English variety. It had sort of threatened all day but decided to wait until we couldn’t possibly dry off.

We woke to a few showers and the guy running the hotel said he had just started walking the dog when the rain fell on them both. We just laid in bed and listened to it. It stopped by the time we left the hotel. The guy running the hotel very nicely offered to look after our bags while we went for a long stroll along to Rylstone gardens, down the long, scary stairs and onto the beach.

Shanklin Beach before the storm

In fact, the weather was lovely. The skies almost clear, the sun just warm enough, not too many people around. The rain waited until we’d settled under an umbrella at the Aqua Hotel with coffees. Here’s an interesting thing…Mirinda ordered the coffees and told me she’d ordered me a cappuccino. I’m not sure who she thought she was buying it for because I haven’t actually had a cappuccino for many years. Not that I was bothered – a coffee is a coffee, after all – it just amazed me. Of course, it might actually be years since she bought me a coffee.

The Aqua Hotel, Shanklin

Anyway, the rain only fell for a short while (making a mockery of the comedy couple who couldn’t quite work out what to do in order to have a drink and not get wet) and we wandered up two doors to meet Sophie and Tom. Tom had finished his homework and so was able to join in the conversation.

Mirinda, Sophie, Tom on way along cliff top, Shanklin

After a bit (well, actually after a pint) we wandered over to the cliff lift for the short trip back to the hotel to pick up our bags which we then transferred to Sophie’s flat where we had a lovely lunch while Tom & I played kung fu panda on each other.

It was a very relaxing day. Sadly, the rush to the station in drenching rain, was not.

The rest of the trip back to Farnham was all very easy with connections working perfectly everywhere and we were eventually able to remove the damp things we were wearing and sit back and relax. It’s rather good that Mirinda has a Book Group day tomorrow rather than going to work because we both need a bit of a rest.

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  1. mum cook says:

    You’re showing your age, you two. I thought that was what the weekend was for! LOL
    Love mum

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