Happy birthday, Panda

Well, we made it to the ferry. From Farnham to Harwich in Max with two confused puppies. It was a long drive and Mirinda managed it very well. I can only hope that Panda had as good a journey. I, personally, have no idea if Panda had a good journey but the sign hanging from an A12 overpass wished him a happy day.

Driving onto the ferry was incredibly easy. This may have been because there were very few passengers. Whatever the reason, it was very smooth.

Our room was ridiculously luxurious. It was called the Captain’s Suite and had a big double bed, a lounge area and free mini bar. Seemed like the ideal spot for a cruise. A pity we’d only be using it over-night to The Netherlands.

This was in direct contrast to the puppies who were left in a cold and lonely cage masquerading as a kennel. I can only assume they cried themselves to sleep.

It was the end of a long day. A day full of last minute preparations. I had to buy more dog food and pop a signature in at the lawyers. Mirinda just cleaned. And cleaned. And then cleaned a bit more.

Eventually, Katie and James turned up. They will be living in our house for the next three months. They were sad to see the puppies leave. We bade them farewell as they took possession of our house.

Max was packed and the puppies were perched on our luggage. We drove away.

Our adventure had begun.

Today, this happened

On October 16, 1905, Bengal was Partitioned. For the first time. The Partition largely separated the Muslims from the Hindu populations. It was created by the Viceroy to India. Today schools and shops were blockaded. The decision led to riots and was rescinded by King George in 1911.

There was the idea that it helped the administration and bureaucracy function efficiently but there was some who believed it was to keep the area divided in order to make them less likely to attack their oppressors. The latter seems far more likely.

Then, in 1947, Bengal was Partitioned for a second time. This time it stuck. This second split was followed by East Bengal becoming East Pakistan in 1955. Eventually in 1972, it became Bangladesh.

I can’t help thinking it was a lot of hassle just to create another international test cricket team.

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