Making it succulent

These days, six hours is a long time to take to cook dinner. My average time is probably more like 40 minutes, depending on the meal, and that’s from scratch. Then, every once in a while, Mirinda requests a meal that takes a good deal longer. Other times, I decide that I want to take half the day. Which is what happened today.

And, in fact, I started dinner before making lunch, which doesn’t often happen. Mind you, that was because it was a Sunday and Mirinda had to Skype separately with Bob and Fi. Separately because Bob’s Internet wasn’t working while Fi’s was.

But, back to dinner.

I’d decided on Friday that I wanted to make Sabrina Ghayour’s six hour pork belly from Sirocco so the fridge was stocked and the spices to hand. At 1pm I started.

I was wondering the other day what would be my most used seasoning. Apart from salt and pepper of course. After rubbing today’s pork belly with a remarkable blend of middle eastern flavours, I realised it must be cumin. This is possibly not surprising given it’s been in use for thousands of years by various cultures.

Here at home, both ground and seeds, I must use cumin in 90% of the meals I prepare. I think the walls of my kitchen are starting to exude the unmistakable scent of cumin.

Anyway, in the oven and cooking away for six hours, the pork belly enticed our taste buds out of hiding, eager in anticipation of the delight to come. And they weren’t disappointed.

Mirinda declared that the meat was perfect – moist and full of flavour. The crackling was perfect – crisp and crunchy. So, basically, the meal was perfect.

As Sabrina states in the recipe, leftover meat is great for sandwiches, except that there’s rarely any leftover meat.

I can happily state that there was no leftover meat.

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