Too soon to hope?

One of lifes simpler pleasures, for me anyway, is sitting on a bench, on the way home from Waitrose, and having a little read. Of course that rather depends on the weather but if the sky is blue and the sun is bright, as it was today, then a 10 – 15 minute sit is decidedly delightful.

What made my sit down even more delightful this morning was that I was joined by Vivienne and Luna. Though, to be honest, Luna was only interested in our conversation for as long as it took for something more interesting to move in the undergrowth. This was about 45 seconds. Vivienne, on the other hand, sat at the other end of the bench and talked.

We talked mostly about cooking. We also touched on her relief with the start of the school holidays. It means she can stop yelling at the kids to get out of bed and start their lessons.

Our cooking chat was mostly about my mezze feast on Saturday and my signature dish. She wanted me to shower her with recipes as her mouth told her tummy there was a great need for some Middle Eastern flavour.

We sat and chatted for longer than I would normally sit and read and it was very enjoyable.

Also enjoyable today was a visit to the lawyers. That sounds very unlikely, I know, but it was to re-engage them in the (hopeful) sale of the cottage. Again.

We had an acceptable offer last week and have set the wheels in motion by proving we are who we are. We also had the opportunity to meet our new solicitor.

Given the almost constant disappointing experiences over the last few years with dashed sale attempts, I am not getting my hopes up. Mind you, at least there’s no tenant to put buyers off now.

The second trip into Farnham meant we walked up the Lion and Lamb Yard and found the only empty table at Coffee Diem for a latte and a tea. We then sat and counted masks. There were not many. There were some being worn properly.

It felt almost normal with people sitting at outside tables, chatting and meeting friends. Even the Lion and Lamb Restaurant was doing a roaring trade. This may be because Cote remains closed.

Sadly, Laura Ashley has been emptied and was looking a bit forlorn. This was also the case with what used to be India Jane then Colony (the building in the photo above). It’s important to note that neither closure had anything to do with the plague.

Back at home it was all excitement because Mirinda booked us into a cottage in the Cotswolds for 11 days. I then sorted out the dogs. We shall see whether it actually is the Cotswolds given past attempts however, the village we’re going to looks gorgeous.

We so need a holiday. In a normal year, we’d have had at least 14 by now.

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