In preparation

The Friday before a Saturday banquet is always, pretty much, taken up with preparation. Obviously, there’s also quite a few washing up sessions and general housework but, when push comes to shove, it’s mostly food preparation.

Because I was making various mezze dishes (Persian, Turkish, Syrian, etc) there were cold as well as hot. For instance, the first thing I made was marinated feta which happily sat in the fridge for the next 24 hours.

Then there was the incredibly delicious herb frittata. It may not look very tasty but it was excellent. I gave Mirinda a small sample in the afternoon and she cried out enthusiastically for more.

Of course, the photo above could just look unappealing because of my crap photography.

And so my day progressed. From a big, double decker trolley shop first thing to finishing off with the tagine (which then cooked away in the crock pot for a fair few hours), it was mostly all about food for tomorrow.

Not that I was complaining. There is something quite soothing about spending the day in the kitchen when your view is as delightful as this.

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