Slow and steady is the Test cricket way

Way back in February, another lifetime ago, Dawn and I went for lunch at The Lost Boy, a relatively new restaurant in Farnham. We thought it was excellent and I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to go back, for dinner, with Mirinda. They announced their reopening a couple of weeks ago so I booked us in for dinner. And the booking was for tonight.

My day was mostly filled with housework to the accompaniment of Test Match Special as the second test, eventually, got underway at Old Trafford. In typical Yorkshire fashion, as the sun blazed down on our back garden, the rain was slowly easing in Manchester.

Still, eventually the cricket started and England, having lost the toss and being sent into bat by the West Indies, lost two very early wickets. With the score on 29, both Burns and Crawley went for the next two balls. This meant that poor Root came in to face a hat trick ball. Fortunately he survived.

The innings then settled down and, by the end of play, England were on a healthy 207-3.

Two other things about this second test. Firstly, I’m not sure how stupid Joss Buttler is but why on earth he thought he could just pop home for an hour after leaving Southampton last week before heading up to Manchester is anyone’s guess.

The team was instructed to head straight for Old Trafford because of the bio-bubble stuff. Joss, it seems, figured he was exempt. Okay, it may have been an emergency but why didn’t he tell anyone sometime before this morning and leave the team for this test? Having to suddenly shuffle around a team on the morning of play is not something a captain needs.

That’s really not cricket.

What was cricket was the excellent knock by Sibley. He managed 86 runs off 253 balls proving that the fast version of the game hasn’t impaired his excellent test skills. It’s what was needed and he delivered.

Cricket aside, the highlight of the day was obviously going out for dinner. It’s becoming a once a week treat (especially for the chef) and this week was no different.

My pollo bianco pizza was amazing. Sure, it wasn’t lo-carb but what the hey. I’m making the sacrifice in order to help the economy.

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