Dead cat Tuesday

This morning I woke to the news that our government has decided that from Friday July 24 it will be mandatory for people to wear face coverings in shops and supermarkets. This from a government which is actively trying to reduce our food and health standards by joining us to the US. This from a government which has no problem with its own members and supporters flaunting every and any rule they like.

The fear is spreading in this country. It is as bad as the virus itself. Locked away, hiding behind masks, washing groceries. People have been taught to be very scared. Unfortunately the public is being manipulated to be scared of the wrong things.

Mirinda told me today that there was a flu pandemic in 1968. I hadn’t heard of it. She told me about it when I suggested that people living through the current Viral Fear have never lived through anything like it before. She pointed out that we both lived through the one in 1968.

The estimated deaths from the 1968 pandemic was 1,000,000. It is still around. It still kills people. Why don’t people wear face coverings to protect themselves from it?

Then, of course, there was the 1957 flu pandemic. It’s estimated that this one also killed over a million people worldwide.

Then, of course, there was the pandemic back in 2009 in which it was reported that it affected younger people because, it was suggested by the evidence, older people were immune because of earlier exposure to other flu viruses.

And this is what worries me the most. The constant use of hand sanitisers on children. The number of times I’ve seen parents applying it to their kids’ hands and rubbing it in, is amazing. Applying it from time to time when really necessary is fine but the only thing that these so-called loving parents are doing is reducing their children’s immune systems.

The ones that manage to survive this pandemic will have absolutely no protection against a second wave or even against older flu strains. Sure there might be a vaccination but wouldn’t it be better to take the natural approach rather than wait for a big enough band aid? Though, of course, that is the American way.

There were quite a few Tweets today suggesting that people who don’t want to wear masks should stay at home. However, surely it makes more sense if the ones who are so scared that they want to wear a mask, stay home and let the rest shop in peace.

The thing is that scientists around the world are hugely divided on whether face masks are helpful or not. In particular the people who are continually touching them to adjust them or speak to people. Their hands (gloved or not) are moving whatever they have touched onto the face. I have seen a lot of people do this in Waitrose. Though they’re not as bad as the ones who don’t cover their nose.

Also, lung cancer caused by heavy metal particulates is a great cause of death in the West. Perhaps the wearing of face masks should be mandatory when walking near traffic.

However, a lot of that is irreverent because it masks what the government has actually been up to.

On Friday the prime minister threatened to make masks mandatory. On Sunday Michael Gove said masks would not be made mandatory because people would use their common sense. Then today, face coverings were made mandatory. Which deflected everyone’s attention.

In the meanwhilst, the Constituency Bill was voted through Parliament whereby gerrymandering by the Conservative Party will be allowed.

This bill could see less power to Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland in Westminster with a reduction of seats. Worse than that, it could see the Tory party in power for ever. Like the Putin amendments to the Russian constitution, the benefits are only good for the ruling party.

And the poor, manipulated people just keep on arguing amongst themselves about face coverings. The general population needs to realise when they’re being played.

It reminds me of Mark Antony’s speech following Julius Caesar’s assassination. Which makes me wonder why he didn’t wear a face covering following his complaint about the front row.

(All pandemic information taken from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at

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