Shirley has a little yellow flower

Often of a Sunday, I’ll ask Mirinda what she fancies for dinner on Monday and Tuesday so I can plan my shopping ahead of Monday morning. Sometimes she can’t make up her mind so I just choose something I haven’t made for a month. This Sunday, however, she asked for a quiche. So, today I made a quiche.

Obviously I used the lo-carb pastry recipe for the base but I then turned to my reliable Delia for a classic quiche Lorraine recipe. Mind you, as I put it in the oven, it did occur to me that I could have just done it without peeking inside of Delia. I think my cooking confidence is growing with each passing day of meals.

Typical of every Delia recipe I’ve ever made, it was perfect. As was the Caprese salad I made to accompany it. We sat out on the terrace and pretended we were in the Dordogne. Or Florence.

We had just returned from a lovely walk around Frensham where we greeted many people and dogs. And where people were swimming and kids were playing. It seemed almost like normal.

Except, of course, it wasn’t normal.

Another little bit of extra-normal activity was some essential butterfly rescue.

I often have to help various insects and birds (usually pigeons) to leave the extension. They fly in, bash themselves about the head for a bit on the ceiling lantern then, worn out, I scoop them up in my trusty butterfly net and free them outside.

Butterflies, though, I rarely see in distress. I think they just stay with the flowers. But not today. I was about to open the doors right up when I spotted this on the inside:

I know not to touch their wings so it was a case of coaxing it onto my hand then, carefully placing my other hand over it. It didn’t flutter in my hand and I released it into the garden where it immediately headed for the fuchsias.

Back in the human world, the gardeners came today but Gardener Dave wasn’t with them – he was at the dentist. It was Matt and some guy who was a bit rough. He sounded rough and he pulled up a couple of poppies that were growing beside the path. This was completely unnecessary and very annoying.

To be fair, I didn’t actually see him do it but Matt knows the garden, he knows the way Mirinda likes things to not be too tidy; I’m fairly certain that Matt wouldn’t have pulled them up.

At one point they were weeding the Candy Bed while I was sitting in my office with the door and windows open. I listened to the rough one complain about the boss (unreasonably in my opinion) and how hard he (not the boss) worked. It was like being back on a building site. And very rough.

Still, by the time they’d finished, the garden looked neater and lovelier than from when they started. It’s now ready for another fortnight of misuse.


The two bigger tomato plants continue to grow well. The two smaller ones are growing just not as quickly. Mind you, all four look very healthy and, if you bend down, smell of tomatoes.

But, the best thing was discovering a small yellow flower on the Shirley tomato plant.

I know it’s not much and I’m getting excited over nothing but it’s important to remember that apart from a few herbs and rampant strawberries, this is the first food I’ve ever grown. This tiny yellow flower made me ridiculously happy.

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