Pot corral

Before Mirinda decided she really needed a greenhouse, she started to build up quite an impressive collection of plastic pots. They were leftover from the many trips to the garden centre, originally filled with bedding plants for the most part. They would just wind up in the working area up the back of the garden, forlorn.

Square ones, round ones, long thin and fat ones, her collection encompassed all sorts.

For ages they were stacked on top of the defunct herb table, under the giant conifer. This collection point, however, soon became non-existent when I used it to make raised beds.

With the advent of the greenhouse, Mirinda has started re-using the pots. They now provide temporary accommodation for growing seedlings or online purchases.

All of this is by way of explanation for the pot corral I built today.

In true Gary style, I recycled bits and pieces of wood, scattered around near the wood pile, and didn’t bother with measuring anything or even using a pencil. I rather enjoy the freedom of just knocking something up for the garden.

That wasn’t the only creating I did today. I also had a dry run of some Turkish cigars ahead of next Saturday.

They are filo pastry rolls with a feta fill. They are a Sabrina Ghayour recipe. I decided to add a bit of a Chez Gaz twist by adding thin sheets of Serrano ham to the filo sheets before rolling. It was this addition that I wanted to test.

They tasted great but needed something to dip them into. Interestingly I preferred them cold while Mirinda decided hot was best.

Whichever way they are served, they were heralded as a success and have been added to the menu for Saturday.

There was originally a dozen. I insisted we leave these four to get cold so I could test the temperature preference. I should add that while at least two of the above cigars have split, none of the others did.

And of course, two other things made our Sunday completely perfect. We had a roast for dinner (lamb) and we went to the garden centre in order to buy…pots. Of course.

To add to the perfection of the day, I managed to listen to the final innings of the England V West Indies First test today on TMS. It felt almost like normal.

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