When Maud came to visit

Most of today was taken up with preparing for tomorrow’s FATN recording. Obviously it doesn’t normally take me most of the day but, for some reason, nothing went right today. This was mostly the fault of the newspaper website going into, what I’m calling ‘Clipping Loops’ but it was also simply just a case of things not going right.

The Clipping Loops were particularly annoying. When using the digital version of the newspaper, the clipping feature is extremely handy. I can go through the paper and clip out what I need. The clips are converted into individual jpgs which I then download and organise as images in PowerPoint. Which works very well.

However, for some reason today, every now and then, the circle that indicates the software is placing the clip in the clip-bin wouldn’t stop going round and round. Sort of like the old Buffering Egg Timer of Eternity. And, naturally, I was not taken to the clip-bin.

Eventually I would have to restart the browser which, naturally, meant losing the clips I’d previously clipped.

By the end of it, I was clipping a page at a time then downloading before it started annoying me…which in turn annoyed me because it just took too long.

And so, obviously, meeting Maud was a welcome distraction.

Here she is having her head held by Mirinda.

Maud is the puppy that Sue kept from Jem’s litter. She is just gorgeous and, definitely, puppy soft. It’s amazing how much she’s grown in the last few weeks and even more amazing to find out that this was her first outside outing.

Naturally the girls were singularly unimpressed. They did say hello to Pippa (who they know and love dearly) and they definitely made the usual big fuss over Sue who they love more than anyone, but when it came to Maud, they both jumped onto chairs too high for Maud to reach them.

To be fair, Freya did try for a bit but in her usual fashion this didn’t last very long.

We all had a jolly time making a massive fuss over Maud. And Sue, of course. Sue, who admitted she’d started her wild swimming again albeit not in Frensham Big Pond but in a bit of the River Wey.

Sue is the only person I know who has had the virus. She says she feels like it’s finally gone (since March) but she still has lingering headaches. I think she was looking a lot more like her old self than she did when we went round to visit a few weeks ago.

And of course, we saw Pippa.

I do love Pippa. She’s such a gentle soul. And she always comes up and says hello to me.

Sadly, the visit was soon over and with a parting request to give her some hollyhock seeds, Sue wandered back home, wriggling puppy in her arms.

Back in my office I eventually I had the clips and then spent a fair bit of time organising them and getting together the running order.

I had to apologise to Ann when I sent it because it was so late. She wrote back saying it was fine because she didn’t download it until gone 6pm anyway. I’m sure it gave her an exciting evening’s reading.

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