How do my tommies grow?

Our rescheduled barbecue happened this evening. It was very much an on again, off again affair with rain and sun and rain and sun throughout the afternoon and evening. It was quite the variable day.

I was prepared to cook in the kitchen even after I’d lit the barbi-bags. Eventually, though, it was decided to proceed. And it was lovely. Mind you, the rain started as we finished up so our timing was pretty good.

I tried two new skewer recipes from Sabrina Ghayour. One, chicken strips marinated in a concoction featuring membrillo, was delicious.

The other was a bit bland and didn’t actually stick to the skewer (story of my cooking life) because I didn’t get the quantities quite right. I’ll need to work harder on that one.

But, the big story of today was not the dinner success. It was all to do with my venture into growing my own produce. Today was Tomato Day #1.

Tomato Update

Today was the start of my personal Salad Growing Adventure. I set up my little crop in the greenhouse with a little help from the RHS boffins and a number of conflicting blog posts from elsewhere. The results will now depend on my continuing tending and nature.

Each tomato plant is different. Back left is Moneymaker, front left is Ailsa Craig. Back right is the delightfully named Shirley and front right is Roma (plum).

Watering, feeding and tending will be my regular tasks now until the growing season has ended. Just what I needed: another project. Mind you, it makes a change to have a project I can eat. Hopefully.

I should mention that this is not the first time I’ve produced edible plants. I once accidentally planted a couple of strawberry plants which completely overran the Hot Border. New plants still managed to pop up on a regular basis through the years.

I’m hoping the grow bags will confine the tomatoes to one place.

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