Still suffering

Today we had an outing. It brought a lot of joy to Mirinda who has been feeling on the edge of depression. This Lockdown has a lot to answer for.

Quite often on a weekend at this time of year we visit NGS gardens. Looking at the website last weekend, there was one we could book for. It was all timed and only a certain amount of people could go during the time slot. We booked for 14:45 today.

Durford Abbey Barn is a delightful garden. From the lawn to the gardens to the island beds and the pond, it was such a joy just to walk around. In particular, it cheered Mirinda up completely.

The abbey was originally opened for business in around 1160 but these days is mostly bits and pieces scattered around the area. It now constitutes a farm with bits of the abbey woven into the fabric of various buildings.

Not that we saw any of that. The ‘Barn’ was clearly a conversion into a lovely house with views over the fields and a garden with many seating areas. Mirinda mentioned the seating areas to the owners as we were leaving. The husband raised his eyebrows while the wife gushed over the necessity to have as many seating areas as possible. We completely agreed.

We spent a lovely half hour wandering around. Mirinda was quite pleased that, while the garden was obviously more impressive than ours, her greenhouse was better.

While I enjoyed the garden and the trip out of the house, I could have done without the pain in my abdomen. I’m convinced it’s a kidney stone but Mirinda reckons I’m exaggerating and claims it’s a bug. All I know for certain is that when we returned home, I took to my bed and slept away the rest of the day. This is not usual.

Needless to say, I didn’t cook anything or eat.

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