Dodgy poop chute

I was up and down for most of the night, the toilet a welcome relief. It was very annoying. And it didn’t stop by the time that morning brightened the sky. Mirinda felt fine so I can’t imagine what it was. It’s not like we eat anything different.

I managed to feel worse the longer the day went on though I did manage to prepare the new traditional brunch, this week including baked halloumi with lemon and oregano by Sabrina Gahyour.

It was delicious and exactly what I’ve come to expect from Ms Gahyour.

The rest of brunch consisted of warmed salmon, chestnut mushrooms and egg. There were also side dishes of the ‘must haves’ of avocado smash and sausages. Honestly, Mirinda doesn’t class it as brunch unless it has side dishes of avocado smash and sausages.

And that was just about it for me for the rest of the day.

I didn’t feel confident enough to move very far from a toilet which meant Mirinda took the girls for a walk without me. It also meant I didn’t cook dinner.

On the calendar for today, instead of writing the meal I prepared, it says ‘Chef ill – nada!’

I made Mirinda a Big Salad but had nothing myself. She declared it the biggest Big Salad ever.

The only other thing I did today was listen to yesterday’s recording. Engineer Mike had added an apology at the beginning as a sort of ‘sorry intro’ and there were some really awful bits where I just dropped out. Nina, on the other hand, had a perfect run of Internet connectivity.

Early in the day, I took a speed reading for Charles and everything appeared normal, so we’re figuring it was some sort of emergency which has since been rectified. Nigel’s connection too seems to have sorted itself out. Let’s hope he’s okay for next week when he has his inaugural recording.

And, in closing, can I just say I thought the chat between Nina and me was excellent. It was all very chummy, warm and natural. Apart from the annoying dropouts, I thought it was an excellent edition.

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