Dodgy Internet

As Charles said today, we forget how much we depend on the Internet: How it affects us when the broadband speed is suffering some sort of slow down: How much our CoronaLives are Internet dependent.

Today, during our recording, my voice kept dropping out. A number of times Mike had to come over the stream and tell me I had to start again because it didn’t make any sense. I felt like those people on the radio who start dropping in and out and are, eventually, told to not bother.

Except I couldn’t not bother. We had to soldier on and I just had to repeat various stories throughout the recording. It was frustrating and took longer than usual. Still, we managed to get something recorded and, hopefully, it will prove useful.

Apart from the problems, it was great working with Nina again. She was elevated to the role of Presenter last year and I’ve missed her drollery. And her wonderful stories. Today, for instance, she told us all about a government minister she used to work for and a chief government advisor who was, basically, not a very nice person. Fascinating.

During the recording I remarked that there were a lot of positive stories these days one of which was the announcement that the council is widening the footpaths this weekend in preparation for shops re-opening on Monday. They are accomplishing this by reducing the road through the Borough and up Downing Street, to one lane. Why this wasn’t done at the beginning of Lockdown, I’ll never know.

Though there was no sign of any workers in Castle Street this morning. Well, apart from this leftover steamroller (not run by steam) resting after resurfacing the road over the last few days.

Actually, the traffic was quite heavy today. I had to wait for a gap in both directions before being able to cross with my over packed trolley.

Also packed was the fruit and veg section at Waitrose. It was like a Pre-Corona shopping day with the distance between people measured in millimetres rather than metres. It felt quite odd. I don’t know if it’s because people have just had enough or just didn’t notice.

I had decided to leave home a little earlier in order to avoid the usual Friday queue but was unsuccessful. In fact, the usual Friday queue starts earlier and is longer at the start. Next week I shall return to my normal time.

Back at home I unpacked then locked myself away in my office for the fated recording session.

As I read the news stories, the weather gradually decreased in pleasantness. The wind whipped up, the grey clouds blew in, the rain was imminent. We wondered whether the weather was having an affect on the Internet. I don’t think it does but was happy to go along with it.

After the recording, Nigel told us his signal kept dropping out and he took a speed check which showed he was incredibly slow. (I told Nigel he shouldn’t demean himself so much.) Charles took a general check of the area which showed there’d been engineering work last night and that our postcode was not happy. I guess it was that then.

If it was them then I’m glad Mirinda had a day off today because she’d have not been happy if her signal had been rubbish.

But all of that was nought compared to the highlight of the day. Puppies.

Seven weeks ago, Jem (Alec’s dog) gave birth to a litter of five puppies. Sue was delighted to look after them in preparation for them leaving after eight weeks. She didn’t figure on getting Covid-19 but otherwise, it’s been a joyful period.

She, obviously, wanted to share in the joy and invited us round to have a puppy date before they all leave for various parts of the country.

I’d forgotten about the pin teeth but was quickly reminded by Olive who decided to bite my beard. Given Jem’s grey hair (Sue and Mirinda claim it is silver), Olive probably thought my beard was her mother.

To be honest, I quite fell in love with little Olive. Had she not already been safely sold, I might have been tempted to make an offer. Lucky escape there.

We all thought Chip was the spitting image of Emma at seven weeks.

All in all, we spent a lovely slab of time on Sue’s kitchen floor cuddling puppies. It also marked Mirinda’s first proper human social interaction since Lockdown started. That considerably brightened her up. Hopefully Sue enjoyed it as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed it but then, I’m a bit of a sucker for puppies.

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  1. Dawn Cansfield says:

    Oh I remember when Emma was that small and, you’re right, Chip looks exactly the same! Making me broody (for puppies).


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