Lockdown FATN Thursday

I have a Talking Newspaper edition to record tomorrow so this morning was spent clipping and preparing the stories. This entails sitting in my office for about three hours staring at my laptop screen.

That sounds like I resent it. I don’t. I rather enjoy, what basically amounts to sitting in the garden, reading through a digital version of a newspaper and clipping out stories. Then organising the various stories into a Powerpoint document.

The ‘clipping’ facility on the Herald website is particularly helpful, though it would be more helpful if it went to the bottom of the page. The way I do it, I sometimes don’t realise I’ve lost the last line off a column or two.

Having created a scripted talking version of the paper, I then sent it off to Nina (who will be reading with me), Mike (our engineer) and Nigel (who will be a silent listener to the process to prepare him for his own recording next week). I also sent the running order which helps me a great deal and, hopefully, everyone else as well.

Having completed the morning task of clipping and ordering, we had lunch before I started the process of reading and editing.

This is very little different to the process in the studio except I do it sat at our dining table, usually with a dog on my lap. Usually Freya.

And, really, that’s it for my day. Well, apart from cooking lunch and dinner and then cleaning up. And exercising. I started the day with a 20 minute ride and some resistance.

A busy, though largely physically sedentary, day.

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