An end to social distancing?

The last time I went to Frensham Little Pond I noticed a couple of red blankets. I noticed them because they were in an unlikely spot and appeared to have been left, forgotten by someone on a picnic. The unlikely spot was the other side of a wire fence and, therefore, unlikely to be good for a picnic.

Today we went to Frensham Little Pond and, as we approached the spot where I spotted the red blankets, I was astonished to find that someone had draped them over the wire fence as if drying them off.

All a bit odd.

Though possibly not as odd as the huge group of people we saw walking down from the bronze age mounds. There appeared to be about 20 of them, couples mostly and about three dogs. They carried bags with them. (The couples, not the dogs, though that would have been funny.) We’re used to seeing people in small family groups these days so this looked like an invading army.

We saw them then continued walking, basically forgetting them. That is until we were almost at the end of our walk when we were confronted by a wall of humanity, blocking the path and generally acting as if they’d unknowingly stepped through a temporal rift from another dimension where Covid-19 wasn’t a thing.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with having to force my way through a bunch of middle aged couples meeting for snacks by a pond. However, I am completely aware of the fact that there are plenty of frightened people who would.

Generally, when I’m out in the world, I take care to keep a reasonable distance between me and them and generally other people do the same to me. (Ignoring joggers, of course.) It’s called empathy and just being considerate, really.

Not this lot. It was pretty obvious that they didn’t care about anything because, rather than stop in a spot where they could be avoided, it was almost as if they insisted on people colliding with them.

It was, like the red blankets, most odd.

Not odd was dinner. I made lo-carb lasagne after lunch then heated it up after our walk.

It was most delicious and definitely not odd.

We also watched the final episode of series one of Space Force. I don’t generally watch American TV shows but this was superb. Now we’re hanging out for series two.

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