A paradise for bank robbers

I have to say that this world is a bit shit at the moment. If being killed by a microscopic bug wasn’t bad enough it’s now the turn of the American police. Then there’s the announcement that we are being forced to wear face masks on public transport from June 15 or be fined.

Actually the mask thing has thrown up an odd situation in France. Since 2011 it has been illegal to wear a face covering of any sort in a public space. Now they are being told to wear a face mask in public or face a fine of €135. Which makes me wonder why they banned them in the first place.

Secretly, I rather like the fact that Muslim males are being forced to cover up.

The upshot for me is that I’ll not be catching public transport for a while. And if they decide it’s mandatory in Waitrose, I’ll be shopping online. I refuse to give in to the fear.

Anyway, none of that really affected me too much today though Mirinda had to deal with the Black Lives Matter thing because, it seems, she has to say/do something at the College.

I know it’s a bit trite and I realise I am in the second most privileged class of human (old, white and male) but couldn’t we all just be kind? Why is it so important that everyone looks and acts the same? Why are people so afraid of differences?

I’ll never understand it.

So, my day was pretty normal (washing, cleaning, researching, making coffee, making dinner) while Mirinda was a bit stressed. To ease the stress, we ended the day with a lovely walk at Farnham Heath.

By the way, in case you don’t know, the most privileged class of human being is old, white, male and rich. Can also be called a Tory.

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