Good and gloomy

It actually rained today. Not much, to be totally honest, but enough to make things a bit damp. I could almost hear the garden breathe a sigh of relief. The temperature also dropped significantly.

While it was pretty gloomy I managed to stay dry. This wasn’t particularly difficult given the rain, when it did appear, was barely more than a mist.

The walk into town for my Wednesday shop was all a bit grey and gloomy. This meant it was also less populated than usual. Definitely a bonus. The fewer joggers I have to avoid, the better. I just can’t get used to the fact that they now own the all weather path.

After the unusual queue on Monday morning, today Waitrose was a breeze. I collected a trolley and went straight in. In fact, my whole shop was nice and easy, complicated only by a couple of inconsiderate shoppers who don’t understand how wheels work.

I discussed this with the Lady from St Mawes the other day. We both wondered why people park their trolley and then wander off to pick items to put into it. I’d understand if it wasn’t easy to push around but they all are these days. Or perhaps they prefer the extra walking as they go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth…

It’s annoying during normal times but with social distancing in force it sometimes makes it very difficult travelling up and down aisles freely.

I reckon people should have demerit points awarded for these sort of shopping infringements. For each demerit point they are charged an extra 10% on their till bill. Repeat offenders have the percentage increased.

Still, it was only a minor inconvenience this morning and I was soon back out and on my way home. A home crammed full of cardboard boxes following yesterday’s bed base delivery.

And that was the bulk of my morning. I had to cut the bloody boxes up into manageable pieces. It took a while because the boxes were YUGE! Then, of course, there was the inevitable sweeping up of shreds.

Still, eventually it was all looking a bit more back to normal. Well, if you ignored the now compact piles of cardboard squares waiting for room in the recycling bin.

Given the weather, we decided it was the perfect day to take the girls to Frensham Little Pond. And boy were we right.

The beautiful weather we’ve been having has meant places like the pond have been packed with people and while it’s nice to see people taking advantage of visiting such lovely spots, it’s always pleasant when they don’t.

It was a lovely ramble around and we all enjoyed it thoroughly.

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