Making the bed in a literal sense

Years ago, we bought a new bed base for the Blue Room. It looked very attractive but wasn’t particularly expensive. This latter point would prove to be very annoying because the slats started to fall out unexpectedly. Always at night.

This came to a head the other night when a couple fell out under Mirinda. I put them back in but then another fell out the next night. We were getting a new bed base.

It needed to be sturdy and not prone to slat slippage. Mirinda jumped onto the Cotswold furniture website and found one that fit the bill. And the bedroom.

It was an added bonus that it was painted with Farrow and Ball paint (Mirinda’s favourite paint). I did suggest that perhaps they did it in Lulworth Blue (her favourite colour) but following a bit of excitement over the prospect and a phone call to them, it proved not to be the case.

So the bed base was ordered and booked to arrive today.

Once we had a confirmed slot for arrival, I started emptying the Blue Room of everything in order to remove the old bed base.

The bed was never hard up against the wall like this. The mattress, more or less, determined where I would be dismantling it. The mattress, I should add, is the heaviest, unwieldy-iest thing ever so it was staying in the bedroom.

It took a while but eventually the bed base was in bits and taken down to the extension for eventual listing on Free Cycle.

The new base arrived, in four boxes and two unexpected bags, just after 3pm. We almost only received three boxes and two unexpected bags. One delivery guy had a clipboard and kept saying we were due six items. The other guy who was unloading the van, insisted we had them all. He counted a number of times, always coming up with five items.

Clipboard Guy insisted it had to be six and I suggested there were supposed to be four boxes. I didn’t mention the unexpected bags. Unloading Guy, having scratched his head in confusion, went to the back of the van and looked inside. Eventually he pointed and said “This must be it!

It was it and very soon they were driving away, leaving me with some mighty big boxes on our drive. Then the hard work really started.

Cotswold furniture has a very handy pdf on their website which outlines the problem areas in your house when it comes to delivery of boxes of various sizes. I’d checked and double checked everything and was certain it would all go up the stairs and into the bedroom without any major problem.

And, I was completely right. Everything went up easily though heavily.

I did need Mirinda’s help with the headboard which was decidedly awkward in navigating the stairs but, otherwise, I managed it all on my own. This was handy because Mirinda was at work rather than supervising me.

I sweated and screwed, slotted and slaved away for what felt like months but was, in fact, a couple of hours. Completely exhausted I managed to topple the mattress on top and stood back to admire my handiwork.

Then it was just a matter of putting everything back before collapsing into a chair on the terrace with a well earned, very cold, bottle of Hog Star.

And Mirinda was well pleased, celebrating with a hefty slug of Thundry Farm gin.

The unexpected bags were only unexpected by me. They were two pointless cushions.

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