Growing the gin holdings

This morning, as I returned from the shops, I heard the most horrendous noise. It sounded something like a house being torn down with all manner of petrol driven monstrosities. I heard the commotion from two streets away, fearing it was coming from our street. Little did I know it was actually coming from our house.

Speaking of ghastly noises, there’s a car that regularly spurts through the Six Bells Roundabout which sounds like a farting elephant with wind problems. I can just imagine that a growly engine makes you feel like there’s some sort of upset beast quivering beneath you but what is the benefit of a farting elephant? It’s very odd.

And while I’m complaining I’d just like to say that the weekend people who visited our park over the last two days are filthy pigs. Why do they insist on piling rubbish on top of already overflowing bins?


A little gift for the rats

I suppose I should be grateful they didn’t leave it all over the park like some beaches I’ve seen this morning. Twitter is quivering with rage over the spoilt beauty spots around the country.

The bin above was one of the less disgusting ones but it was the easiest to photograph and I’m nothing if not lazy. This is a much better example of how ugly humanity can be when it thinks it can leave it’s shit behind for other people to sort out.

Looking at the rubbish in the above photo, I guess it says a lot about the type of people who eat KFC and drink out of cans. Animals, all of them!

But, returning to the noise in our street, I was amazed to discover it was just Gardener Dave with his hedge clipping machine.

I should say here that Gardener Dave loves his petrol driven machines. His favourite is the leaf blower. I think if pushed he’d admit he loves it more than his wife. And kids. He can’t wait to get his hands on it to give the garden a good blow. Whether it needs it or not.

It seems he has a love affair with the hedge clipping monstrosity as well. He was clipping the wisteria from the front of the house and had already trimmed the hedge between us and the Crazies. He then went down the back and gave the Mexican orange blossom a good going over. A regular Videl Sassoon he was.

As usual, once they’d finished, the garden looked beautiful. Now we can press on making it messy for the next fortnight so they can work their magic again.

Before they left, Dave was telling us that among his clients, our garden is the brightest and most colourful. We easily have the most flowers. The majority of his clients have box hedges and yew trees.

He also told us that ours is not the smallest he works. There’s one which is the size of our terrace and takes 40 minutes for him to do.

But, he told us something far more important than a report on other people’s gardens. One of his clients owns a stable on a farm. The horsey business is carried on by the wife while the husband has branched out into the special gin trade. Yes, another local gin distiller.

Thundry Hills it’s called and they are in Elstead, about a five minute drive from us.

Naturally I went online and bought a couple of bottles. A few hours later I received a text asking if I’d be around between 7-7:30pm so he could drop them off. And, true to his word, Paul turned up just before 7:30pm and left me two delightful bottles of his gin. Now that is good business.

PM stands for Pear and Mango, by the way.

Also, following yesterday’s post, Dawn recommended a Hampshire gin called Bombay Bramble which I might just have to buy. I’m thinking that we’re rapidly growing a massive gin collection and I wouldn’t want to miss out on another local one.

Also, today marked the 70th day since Lockdown started here in the UK.

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