Drinking gin in aid of local business

Yesterday morning I was listening to Ann and Susan read the FATN Talking News and one item caught my ear. It was about a local gin maker called Bramley Lloyd and his Heathland Gin. In fact, it is so local that I could easily walk there.

I went to the website and ordered a couple of bottles.

They turned up this morning, complete with an apology for the delay in delivery. The Herald piece had meant he was completely flooded with orders yesterday. I assured him I’d only ordered the gin yesterday and was surprised he’d been so quick.

According to Mirinda, it is a very nice gin.

Given the pandemic and Lockdown and subsequent decline in small local businesses, we feel it’s only right to support them when we can. Yesterday’s takeaway from Heaven’s Kitchen is another example.

I think it’s really important to help rescue those that the Tory government seeks to destroy.

Sometimes, though, I just like to do things for myself. Like hanging pots.

Mirinda has made up three while we have hooks at the front door for two. This left one to be found a home for. Mirinda said she’d like to be able to see it from her chair in the library which presented its own problems. She asked me to solve the problems and find a solution.

That was a few days ago and I’ve been mulling it over, making designs in my head which, for one reason or another, were rejected.

Ideally I wanted something I could make with stuff we have lying around in the garden. And eventually I had an idea.

Using a couple of stakes, big screws, a shower curtain holder and nut and bolt combination, I managed to create the perfect pot holder designed for Mirinda to look at from her chair.

While very pleased, Mirinda now wants it painted. We shall see.

That was yesterday though. Today, being Sunday was a bit restful. I read a lot, did some research, made food. Mirinda, on the other hand, wrote bits of articles, researched more than I did and Skyped Queensland.

Eventually, I made roast lamb for dinner which we thoroughly enjoyed on the terrace. On plates.

Lovely cauli-cheese

Dinner was washed down with a lovely Sancerre.

An excellent Sunday.

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