A collective noun during Coronavirus: a parkful of families

Mirinda was very busy today, mostly online. Being a Thursday she had the usual Dr Rox Show but then, unusually, she was part of a presentation given for the NHS regarding how to handle a crisis.

The latter was interesting given the other speakers were all serving or ex, armed forces. As Mirinda said, when the other speakers are describing how to handle yourself in a war zone and your experience involves a bunch of actors, there’s not a lot of convergence.

Of course, if she’s ever faced with an IED she’ll know how to handle the situation now. At least in critical terms. Personally I’d just walk the other way, mainly because I am physically unable to run.

Because Mirinda was so busy, she didn’t have a chance to go for her usual walk. While I couldn’t really do anything to give her a break, I could take the girls to the park. So I did.

And what a joyful experience it was.

It’s rare to see so many families frolicking in our park. Groups of parents and kids, kicking balls, giggling, laughing, whirling around. Sitting on the grass, running, just having fun. It was lovely to see them all, even given the ghastly reasons for bringing them all together.

Families spending unexpected time together.

Of course, the girls attracted a lot of necessary attention especially now they look so beautiful. Emma ignored it because she was too intent on her ball but Freya just lay back and lavished in it all.

One fellow dog walker stopped and asked what breed they were. She then said, apropos of them lying next to me on the bench: “They’re clearly not floor dogs!” I told her no, adding that Emma actually has three chairs of her own in the house.

Not that we spoil the dogs.

Actually, just before taking the photo of Freya, I accidentally took a selfie. Usually my selfies are, not to put it too mildly, shit. This one, however, shows my Covid Beard in full glory. The one that Kate said suited me.

What Stupid Thing Did Donald Trump Say Today

For someone who was elected on the strength of social media, it’s a bit rich when he is pulled up for saying something that ‘may be misleading’ and threatens retaliation.

Two of his Tweets were deemed by twitter as being possibly misleading and Trump went mental. He is planning to sign an executive order to bring the social media sites under his thumb (a bit like Fox News I guess) so he can never be criticised again.

(I should add that online social media companies in the US are protected by law and a Trump executive order means diddly squat. In order to change the rules, it would have to go to the senate and be debated by adults.)

What a baby. Okay, I realise he’s concerned that he may lose the election in November if social media turns against him but, seriously, could he not act his age? It would benefit everyone in the world if he just stopped Tweeting, governed his country properly and then retired into obscurity in December.

Perhaps on a golf course in Tierra del Fuego. And give us a chance to forget, what will eventually be called, The Stupid Years.

In the meanwhilst, here’s a photo of the Avenue of Trees to calm things down a bit.

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