Two new puppies

Since lockdown started, the girls have not had a haircut. I realise they are not alone in this. One of the things most people seem to be missing is going to the hairdresser. There must be quite a lot of ‘fwights’ out there, locked away, just waiting for the doors to open on their favourite salon.

I was going to text Kate about the possibility of returning to her clippers when I, unexpectedly received one from her first. She reported her desire to start cutting again starting this week. Naturally I jumped at her invitation.

Emma before

She texted me back about coming around today at 6pm. This was a bit odd because it’s usually more like 10am. Still, there’s no way I was going to make the girls suffer another day of heat.

Freya before

You can see by the two photos above just how miserable they were. This is a combination of their hair being too long and, therefore, too hot and also because they love visiting Kate and miss her.

Of course, given they’d not be ready to pick up until around 9pm, I had to prepare something ahead of dinner that we could have with a salad. Mirinda chose a leek and rocquefort tart made with lo-carb pastry.

And that is what I made.

After lunch, I made up a batch of the new miracle lo-carb pastry, lined a dish and stuck it in the fridge. I then cooked the leeks and prepared everything else.

Eventually it was in the oven and rising away. Not long after rising it was on the kitchen counter, cooling. Fortunately Yogi wasn’t around and it remained untouched up until we sat down to dinner at 7pm.

It was lovely on the terrace, eating and listening to the amazing repertoire of a single blackbird that has been singing every night lately. I never realised just how eloquent blackbirds were. This one sits in her favourite tree and just sings and sings and sings. Each time she gets bored with one song she just starts singing another.

Here’s a recording I made from the terrace. It’s faint so turn the volume right up and wear headphones. Ignore the bumps and pops at the end. It’s my big sausage fingers trying to find the stop button.

Just before 9pm, we headed up to Kate’s place and two beautiful velveteen puppies leapt about on the back seat of Max, delirious with pleasure at their new, cool cuts.

Freya after

I’d love to say that they were so delirious that they fell asleep immediately after having dinner but that would be a lie. They had to reacquaint themselves with the garden by rubbing themselves all over it first.

Emma after

Suffice it to say, it was like getting a couple of new puppies. New, happy puppies.

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