61 days later

One of the things that Mirinda has missed with not going into work is her occasional indulgence in the M&S prawn cocktail. She sometimes picks one up at Waterloo Station to have on the train coming home. And she raves about them.

Of course, if we believe the ad campaign, anything foodish sold by M&S is going to be pretty special. For this reason I was a bit concerned when Mirinda asked me to replicate the prawn cocktail.

To be honest, I’ve never made a prawn cocktail. I think I just missed the cultural period in Australia when it was a bit classy to serve them at fashionable dinner parties. Actually, I missed the dinner parties completely. I’m not sure that I’ve had a prawn cocktail before.

So yesterday I scoured recipes and, after a bit of combining, mixing and manipulation, I came up with what I figured was a winner. I admit to disregarding the person who suggested it was just salad cream and tomato ketchup.

This morning was shopping day so I bought everything I could ever possibly need in the way of prawn cocktail production and knocked up a couple in wine glasses for a surprise entree tonight.

It doesn’t look much (poor photo I’m afraid), and I had to do without chives (Waitrose didn’t have any) but Mirinda thought it was delicious. In fact she paid me the highest compliment by saying it was better than the M&S prawn cocktail.

Mirinda had also requested a slab of keto fat slice (I call it Keto Bliss Bomb) which features 99% chocolate, coconut, freeze dried berries and nuts. This was not a new request. I’ve made it before and it’s always a success. It always makes for a tasty lo-carb treat.

Fortunately, for Mirinda, I don’t like it much so she gets the lot. She rather enjoys it with a dipping bowl of single cream in place of dessert. I stick with my super creamy yoghurt.

Meanwhile, apart from the ever constant food preparation, I was busy researching dead soldiers. I managed to finish the massive memorial at St Martin’s of Tours church in Epsom and started on the one for the creepy sounding Epsom Brotherhood, which was actually a football team.

Finishing a memorial is always cause for celebration so I went for a post input wander around the garden which is glorious at the moment.

Flowers are blooming everywhere, scents are laying in wait at every turn. It’s a testimony to Mirinda’s skill and vision. As she said at dinner, our cottage garden has taken a while but it now appears to have been a success.

I’m not saying that we would never have managed the last 61 days without the garden but it certainly has helped a lot.

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