The short lived breathable Borough

It seemed like only yesterday that I walked into Farnham to do my Friday shop. In fact it was a weekend ago. So, first thing this morning, I set off, once again, for my Monday shop. Obviously I’m just getting used to this new routine.

The park was surprisingly empty of dog walkers, joggers and just people walking around. There were a few but nowhere near as many as there has been during Lockdown.

In particular there was a lack of joggers. It was getting like there was a peak hour jam of them just a few weeks ago. Now, it’s a smattering. Like normal.

I can’t say I’m complaining. Dodging non-socially distancing joggers is not a sport I enjoy.

This general lack of people should have been a forewarning of things to come.

Having spent some quids in Waitrose, I had to wander down to Boots and Smiths. Straight away, as I emerged from the Lion and Lamb, I noticed an increase in traffic. An almost constant stream of cars was heading from West Street to the Borough. Some were heading up Castle Street. Some straight on.

Don’t get the wrong idea, it wasn’t continuous. The stream stopped and started. But, there was a lot more than, say, last Monday. This increase was immediately apparent upon entering The Borough.

A lot of people have been suggesting that the world, post-corona, will be better. Less pollution, more care and consideration, a much more pleasant planet for us all. I’ve never ascribed to this nonsense. Today bore that out.

The air in The Borough was back to tasting foul. The once fresh air has been returned to it’s normal foulness. I guess that’ll be the end of any trips to Smiths without an oxygen mask then.

As it was it was a wasted trip because of their new, anti-old people opening hours. They weren’t opening for 20 minutes and I didn’t want to stand around choking. I went home.

And the park was pleasant walking home as well.

Not to mention home, were Gardener Dave, Crazy Andy and Matt were hard at it, making it all look beautiful just like they do every fortnight.

Mind you, Gardener Dave wasn’t that keen on moving the fatsia japonica. It didn’t like it by my office in The Garden of One Thousand Yaps so it’s now been re-homed in the Shady Bed. Poor Dave. It was a shitty job but someone had to do it. And, as I told him, that someone wasn’t going to be me.

I spent a bit of time in my office, researching Dorothy Darnell and creating a Wikipedia page for her. It’s been a while since I made an entry and things have changed a bit. Still, eventually I’d completed the writing and the entry is now in the hands of The Reviewers.

And for anyone who doubts the veracity of Wikipedia content, The Reviewers peer review entries EXACTLY the same as peer reviewed journals.

After I’d submitted my article for review, Mirinda told me about some snooty journal that poo-poos citations to Wikipedia articles. I assume the same journal prefers old content rather than right up to date, current information.

As I have said a gazillion times, information is only as good as the person disseminating it. I always think of Nicktor and his collection of 1910 Encyclopaedia Brittanica which he uses for all his informational needs. Funny boy.

Information, like technology, continues to move forward. New forms of access are not necessarily bad or wrong. They merely need to be judged. The secret is not to take everything at face value. Or, as I like to call it, Facebook Value.

Anyway, that was most of my morning. After lunch, Mirinda pottered around in the garden distributing a new delivery of plants that turned up unexpectedly during our salad. I returned to my office to sort out some articles for Mirinda’s latest writing project.

Late in the afternoon we headed off for Frensham. The day had been quite warm so we figured a wander round the pond would be excellent. It was. And we weren’t the only ones who thought so.

Actually, there were a lot of people at Frensham as well as dogs. All family groups, socially isolated but any moments without any sign of humanity. were rare. Mind you, they were all rather jolly and smiley and happy. And all the dogs were delighted.

Finally, wrapping the day up, we sat on the terrace and had dinner (sea bass) while we listened to my FATN recording from last week. Mirinda thought it was excellent; the best she’s ever heard.

She thought Ann and I work brilliantly together and it sounded more like a radio programme than a Talking Newspaper edition.

I’m going to so miss it when we finally return to the studio.

Just in passing, I’d like to plug a blog I subscribed to the other day. I heard a UK nurse (Hannah) talking about her blog on the World Service on the weekend and I thought I’d check it out. She writes extremely well and for anyone really wanting to know what it’s like on the so-called ‘frontline’, you could do worse than read her entries.

It’s The Corona Lisa.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    It was terrific and I think you should have the Gaz & ann show!


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