In a bunch! In a bunch!

Last year, at around this time, Mirinda said I should tie up the green stems of the daffs. This would improve the next spring’s output. I’d completely forgotten about it but, yes, we had a very healthy growth of daffodils in the Candy Bed this year.

This year, a couple of days ago, Mirinda suggested that I tie up the green stems of the daffs. This time it was in order for the other plants, trying to appear between the thick green foliage, to emerge.

I like the irony that I tied the bunches of stems in order to create more stems which would then require more tying. Possibly next year’s daffs will take over my office.

It took some untangling but, eventually, I had the bunches standing tall, allowing the geraniums and other plants access to freedom. The path was almost completely covered with green before this so that’s another bonus.

Something else from a few days ago was a short video I watched, posted by Sabrina Ghayour (one of my favourite chefs). It was a sped up version of her preparing melanzane parmigiana and it had me salivating. I decided then and there I was going to make it for dinner tonight.

So, armed with nothing but my memory, I prepared it after lunch. And, once again, Sabrina provided me with an amazing kitchen tip. It was she who passed on the use of baking paper in the roasting tin which I’ve used ever since.

This time it was roasting aubergine (melanzane) slices rather than deep/shallow frying for this type of meal. What a difference! No change in the taste but much easier. And cleaner.

Thank you, Sabrina Ghayour, once again.

Speaking of Sabrina, I posted the photo below on Instagram, praising her creation and she responded saying it looked amazing. I thought that was really lovely. Mind you, it did look amazing as this photo clearly shows.

It was so good that after a single mouthful, Mirinda demanded it be included on the standard Chez Gaz menu. I should add that it isn’t the first Ghayour creation to be included on the Chez Gaz menu. Nor, I feel, will it be the last.

I’d prepared it after lunch so that I could accompany Mirinda and the girls on their tramp around the Crondall fields. It was a beautiful prevening and most enjoyable. Not so many skylarks as there’s been on previous walks but there were some.

We did notice a bit more traffic following the prime ministers confusing announcement but on the walk we saw about eight people all up.

Something else we saw was the new roof of the new shed at the end of the walk. It is almost completely covered in solar panels. That makes me a lot happier than what I thought was going to be just a massive sheet of silver.

I realise that the title refers to lupins but how could I possibly resist?

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