Store cupboard brunch

Last night, not long before bed, Mirinda asked me if I was prepared for brunch tomorrow. I was surprised that she had guitar class two weeks in a row. She assured me she did not but that we now had brunch every Saturday. This was a surprise to me.

Not being prepared, I swiftly created a menu from what I had in the house.

The sausages and smashed avocado were simple enough but I was totally pleased with the bacon & egg muffins. When I’d made them in the past, they were never quite right but this morning, they were perfect.

Mirinda was well pleased with it. She did have one suggestion. She thought it would have gone well with a couple of slices of walnut bread. I agreed. Next time.

Apart from hurriedly preparing and making brunch, I was having quite a lazy day. My hybrid was running ridiculously slow so I ran a few tests on it (which obviously took an age) then set about improving the speed.

The fixes took most of the day though for the majority of the time it was sitting on the dining table doing its own thing. By the end of the day, it was back to running at top speed. To celebrate, I used it to order a few necessities.

Bodkins white cabbage, Hog Back Brewery beer and a bottle of Tom Cat mango gin. All orders went through perfectly. Then, late in the day, badly printing a couple of articles for Mirinda, I ordered some toner ink. As I said to Mirinda over dinner, it felt like I had a big shopping day.

We took the girls to Hankley today, the weather being beautiful and spotted more people than we’re used to. Of course, everyone observed social distancing. It was lovely seeing so many family groups riding their bikes or just walking, enjoying themselves.

We went earlier than usual because Mirinda was having a Skype call with Sophie. It was starting at 5pm and was destined to be long. It didn’t disappoint.

I made dessert and Joey Layer Cake while she chatted about…who knows? All I DO know is she had a G&T followed by a glass of wine with a decent interval between the two. I don’t know what Sophie had.

Dinner was lovely and dessert very nice – lo-carb kulfi with cream and blue berries.

All in all, a lovely day, filled with cooking and shopping for me and pottering in the greenhouse and Skyping for Mirinda.

For no reason other than because it tickled me, here’s a photo of Emma looking like a caramel coloured, malnourished Moomintroll.

This is how she encourages Mirinda to throw pine cones. It works most of the time.

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