Taking the lead…again

Everything was a bit of a rush this morning. These days I don’t normally have to race about but, because I was presenting this week’s FATN Digital Edition at 10:30am, I had to do the shopping (for three days) and be back for the recording. As it turned out, I was fine for time but it was close.

The park was pretty empty first thing

Not that shopping took much longer than it has of late. I’m now used to the fact that of a Friday, there’s a queue to join. Monday and Wednesday are more or less in and out but Friday seems to be the day of choice for a lot of the oldies. Like me.

Loading my trolley was a breeze as I whisked through the aisles, directing people to various items they were struggling to locate. It’s not the first time I’ve been amazed at my own encyclopaedic knowledge of the product locations in Waitrose, Farnham.

I left several contented shoppers in my wake.

As I left the shop and the clock slowly ticked towards 9am, I noticed the queue was now stretched almost all the way down the Lion and Lamb Yard. It was, of course, very orderly and polite with a lot of distance between each shopper. Very Farnham.

Unusually I had to leave via the Yard and West Street because a number of chemist products were unavailable in Waitrose. I figured I’d try Boots. Silly fool I am.

Being Good Friday, shops tend to open late and close early. Waitrose, it would appear, was the only shop helping people by opening at 8am. Boots, on the other hand, figured it made sense to remain closed until 11am. I was not the only person annoyed by this decision to be non-aligned.

Is it any wonder I dislike Boots so much?

Though the pointless and wasted trip did afford me the opportunity to photograph and appreciate the advances made on the Castle Street footpath.

I guess this bit is finished then

Back at home I hurriedly unpacked, made Mirinda an Americano and then settled down in my office/recording studio and set to work organising myself.

Just after 10:30, Susan, Tim and Charles joined me and we started the session. Then we stopped for a bit due to technical issues. We then started again only to stop again. This went on for a little while before all was sorted and we recorded the issue successfully.

At the halfway-ish point (after the Letters) we had a short break. Susan asked if she could quickly go to the toilet. Tim said yes while I suggested she might want to turn her mike off first which produced a satisfying chuckle from everyone.

The second half of the recording went very well (I’m ignoring my awful mistakes) and Susan did extremely well with the unfamiliar. Hopefully the issue will be enjoyed by someone other than us.

I managed to read my eulogy for Mary without any problem and after the recording I had an email from Charles saying he thought it was lovely and perfectly pitched. I was glad. It’s always difficult to know what people will think of something so private and personal. I meant every word, though and, hopefully that’s what came through to anyone listening.

Mirinda requested frittata for lunch so, having signed off from the FATN Crew, I went inside and prepared it for us. I then had a bit of a wait while she chatted and ranted to Sharon over Skype.

Eventually, though, I had the frittata bubbling away under the grill. I was very happy with the results.

Frittata under the grill

I love the way you can use just about anything in a frittata because it gives you a chance of clearing out the veg tray in the fridge. Always a good thing.

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