Remembering Mary

I had a rather busy morning today. Following a good workout, I locked myself in my office and started work on preparing the articles for this week’s FATN Digital Edition. I do like the clipping feature which makes it so much easier.

I organised the whole edition into a PowerPoint document and sent it off to Susan, who will be reading with me tomorrow. Then came the hardest part.

Mary, an FATN Presenter, died of cancer last week and I volunteered to write a piece for this week’s edition. It took a while. I wanted to strike the right note. I didn’t want it to be too sad; rather I wanted more to describe the Mary that I knew.

After a couple of rewrites, and including a few bits I received from other people, I felt it was good. I read it to Mirinda and she thought it was ‘beautiful’. I hope the listeners (and fellow volunteers) agree. After all, I’m conscious that there are many others who knew her a lot better than I did.

So, today’s tulip is dedicated to Mary.

While I was locked away in my office, there was a delivery. Mirinda’s incubator turned up. This is so she can grow and tend little seedlings which need a controlled environment.

It was my job to build it in the greenhouse. Which I did.

While not particularly difficult, I certainly worked up a sweat. At one point the temperature was 36° and I couldn’t see through the waterfall of perspiration falling from my brow. The furrows merely served as rapids, increasing the flow rate rather than slowing it down.

A slight exaggeration. It was very hot though, which is exactly what you expect in a greenhouse in full sunshine in the middle of the day.

Our allowed exercise saw us heading for Frensham Little Pond where we met very few people and great distances. Particularly the couple (who we also saw the other day) who have taken Social Distancing to unexpected levels. They wait, 20 metres away, while we walk by. Waving in semaphore being too distant for chatter.

A little creature rises from the depths of the pond

As the sun went down, we headed for home where I cooked tuna steaks and pak choy. And, for anyone wishing to watch me cook, here’s the video:

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