Shower clash

Frensham was unusually noisy this evening. Our walk wasn’t until just gone 5pm and the light was gradually going. This meant the birds were out telling each other about what they’d been up to during the day. In particular the black headed gulls (or terns) were most insistent.

Our confusion as to the type of bird making the racket is due to the descriptions posted in the bird hide. The gull and the tern both have shrieks that, phonetically at least, seem remarkably similar. It must have something to do with their black heads.

(I listened to the two calls on the RSPB website and they actually sound quite different. I can also confirm that the birds at Frensham today were black headed gulls.)

Apart from the birds, Frensham was beautifully quiet. We saw a few small family groups with (and without) dogs and we all politely kept our distance to avoid any form of contact. I would go so far as to say that it was probably the most pleasant walk around the pond I’ve ever had.

Of course the main car parks have been reduced in size with well placed logs, thereby limiting the numbers (we don’t want a repeat of Mother’s Day, after all) to a few at a time. I think the joggers we saw were probably locals though there were some cars on the side of the road and at our particular parking spot.

The pond, as usual, looked lovely, particularly when the sun decided to show up. The day was mostly cloudy with bursts of unexpected sunlight. During our walk the clouds gradually departed towards the south, leaving a lovely glow by the time we left.

Of course, the photos I took were during the cloudy bits.

The black thing is a coot making advances on another coot just out of shot. It made lots of weird clicking sounds. The sort of clicking sounds that dog trainers use. Fortunately our two weren’t trained using a clicker otherwise they would possibly have ended up in the pond.

It may have been my imagination but the air seemed to smell sweeter. It could be because of a reduction in traffic since lockdown, or it could be my more than active imagination. Whatever the cause, it all smells lovely.

Apart from our exercise, my day was spent working out what to read tomorrow (Talking Newspaper) and emailing Clive. We finally sorted out a running order and are both looking forward to tomorrow’s recording.

In another bit of exercise news, I did my full 12km on the bike today followed by a bit of workout using the resistance bands. I managed to work up quite a sweat and was totally looking forward to a good hot shower.

I raced up the stairs at my usual very slow pace and, would you believe it, for the first time in our married life, we both wanted to shower at the same time. Two toilets we have, showers there is but one. Obviously I went second.

Rather than end on that note, here’s a Frensham tree.

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