Common sense missing

Today started glorious. The sun bright, the sky a deep azure blue, no planes to blight it. Okay, there was one Lear Jet streaking across the sky above our house but that was it. It was perfect for my trip to Waitrose.

And what a surprise awaited me there.

No queue, no one-in/one-out regime, just a couple of guys standing at the automatic doors and checking people were old, infirm or working for the NHS. It was as if the world had returned to normal.

I shared the shop with about 15 other people. Some of them looked a bit Borg but otherwise, it was all good. There was even one woman without a shred of common sense. Which always serves to cheer my day along.

She abandoned her shopping on the conveyor belt because she’d forgotten her shopping bags. She quickly dashed off. I saw her run by the big display windows and then, a short time later, come running back, bags in hand. She then packed her goods.

I really, really wanted to ask her why she hadn’t just packed the trolley then unpacked into the bags at her car but I couldn’t get close enough to ask.

She was the same woman who didn’t understand how queuing across the walkway betwixt aisle and checkout meant everyone else had to go around the long way to avoid her.

She then tried to leave Waitrose by the locked exit even though she’d already run out the correct way. “Force of habit,” she said. I guess her habit of bringing her shopping bags in clearly wasn’t forceful enough.

That probably makes me sound like a grumpy old man but, seriously, I just find this sort of thing entertaining. I’m rarely in a hurry and love watching other people do odd things.

These days, with social distancing and isolation in place, I have to take my odd behaviour when, how and where I can.

Back at home I took a spin on my new bike. It was most satisfactory and I thoroughly earned the shower afterwards.

After writing up my blog, I then hit the garden where I planted the lavender in the raised bed and moved the steps to make access to the Wild Flower Patch easier.

I rather cheated with the photo because the weather turned really dull late on. Instead of one when the light was awful, I took the photo tomorrow morning…a sentence which feels like I managed to bend time a bit.

Mirinda was busy in meetings up until 5:30pm so we were late going on our daily exercise walk. Today we returned to Crondall and did the big field walk.

Emma thoroughly enjoyed it. As did we all.

I made Brazilian Fish for dinner and was going to film it (for fun) but our walk had us back quite late and meant I was in a bit of a hurry. Maybe next time.

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