House of Invisible Hands

Possibly the thing I miss most at the moment is the gym. And the latte afterwards. But mostly the gym. Today the loss of exercise was replaced by an unexpected parcel delivery. (Unexpected in that I didn’t know it was arriving today and not that I didn’t know I’d actually ordered it.)

I was talking to mum when it was dropped off. Mirinda took delivery by waving at the delivery driver through the window. She would have brought it in as well only it was somewhat heavy.

Having finished my call I retrieved the very big box and started removing the contents then put it together. After a short time I stood back and admired my handiwork.

So, from tomorrow morning, I shall be returning to my normal daily routine of a brisk 12km ride with the added benefit of a view of our back garden rather than a blank, magnolia coloured wall.

Of course, that’s not entirely true. I watch Spanish and Italian TV while I pedal.

I’m presently watching Elite, a Spanish series featuring a couple of actors I’ve seen in other things. It seems to be a Spanish version of the Italian series called Baby. Not that they are identical but the similarities seem a bit more than coincidence. Not that that’s a problem because it’s interesting to note the cultural and artistic differences between the two countries.

After lunch we headed up to Farnham Heath for our daily exercise.

We are very lucky to have quite a few different places to walk but I think Farnham Heath is my favourite. It reminds me of the time we spent living in Frensham (during the extension) and Day-z. The two of us spent many hours wandering around the Heath. It will always be special.

We saw very few people and even fewer dogs. There were some family groups but mostly couples and isolated singles.

Rather than take the normal big looping walk, we visited the managed coppice fields. The last time I visited, the ‘youngest’ field had just been cut. Now it looks to be about three years into the new growth.

Two coppice sections

We then headed up the big, steep hill to go and look at a couple of art installations. One is called Kindling and looks like sunflowers but the truly amazing one is like a little room made of logs. It has immovable doors that look out over the lower levels of the heath. It also has square holes in the ‘walls.’

It’s called House of Invisible Hands and was created by Walter Bailey.

The roof isn’t actually sloping. I used the wide angle function on my phone so it’s distorted.

According to Walter, it’s a shrine to the numerous unnamed people who work to maintain, grow and preserve our natural spaces. It’s also a shelter. There’s a couple of much better photographs on his website as well as more of his work.

Having completed our usual exertions, we headed home. Another day of lockdown completed.

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