Beef and cheese

Back in 2012, during one of our regular Paris jaunts, we were introduced to the delights of beef and cheese. Actually, I found it delightful. Mirinda wasn’t so keen. It wasn’t the actual taste of beef and cheese in combination. Rather, it was the whole beef and cheese concept she had a problem with.

Shortly after the Paris trip of 2012, we had a weekend in London and visited Greenwich market. As we entered the market, at the very entrance, there was a chap selling beef and cheese in wraps. Obviously I had one. Much to Mirinda’s disgust.

The reason I’m writing about this is because today, while I was preparing the usual Chez Gaz salad, I decided to use up some roast beef slices and spread some cream cheese on them. Of course it instantly reminded me of Paris 2012.

Obviously a bit mad with Lockdown Mania, I photographed the process and stuck it up on Instagram. I have now stitched the four images together.

Simple and delicious, regardless of what my wife says.

Speaking of Mirinda, she spent a goodly amount of time in the garden today. We had an email from the gardening company saying they were in lockdown and the boys won’t be coming tomorrow. This is a real shame for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it means Gardener Dave and Stan won’t get paid and, secondly, it means I’m going to have to do their job.

Apart from the obvious joy inherent in having a garden, scrabbling about in the soil does a lot for Mirinda’s well being, so it’s not altogether a bad thing.

More well being induction was had on our one walk of the day. We went to Thursley, somewhere I haven’t been for ages. Mirinda always loves going along the boardwalks but I find them quite scary after an incident involving mossy slippage.

Not having much balance any more makes this sort of thing unpleasant. My wife, rather than force me along slippery boards, plotted out a delightful route that avoided the boardwalks almost entirely.

Of course, we started at the pond which is where the car park is, but then we branched off into the isolated depths of the heathland. We saw a few people and their dogs (and a woman on a horse) but, basically, it was social distancing at its best.

Mirinda has been this way before but not me so it was all wonderfully new and exciting. Especially the field boundary, punctuated with an exclamation mark tree and a small path worn across it.

Mirinda made a short video which will, hopefully, entertain Sharon, Jud and the Judlings while they endure their Dulwich Hill lockdown woes. They are being forced, unwillingly, to think up inventive things as a substitute for toilet paper.

When the history of this plague is written, an entire chapter should be devoted to the stupidity of the Great Toilet Paper Panic.

Trees, boundaries and the idiocy of some people aside, the best bit of the walk had to be the discovery of an ancient plough. Rusty and embedded in, what appeared to be either a rabbit warren or a small badger sett, it filled me with great joy.

How brilliant it would look in our back garden.

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