Guipry to Bayeux

I had a brief exchange with Lorna in Bayeux today. She can’t stand the negativity either. Nothing’s ever good.

Biggest surprise – at dinner last night, in a fantastic creperie, Sean decided he was talking to me again. I assumed this was because he was sitting opposite me and Matt was too far away. Oddly, he not only talked to me but was full of fun! He decided, rather than have a dessert, he would have a second savoury course. He ordered the same as I’d had because it looked so delicious.

Actually, if I’m being honest, I think he felt guilty. Sean isn’t the sort of person to carry on in this way.

The best thing about Bayeux was how I basically spent the entire day on my own. We parted after much messing about and I just wandered off.

I went down to the river, walked to the cathedral, basically went everywhere we’d been when we went to Normandy. Nothing’s changed.

I ran into John, Darren and Lorna at one stage. After a beer, we all went over to the allied cemetery.

At dinner, I fancied an expensive wine. I told John I was going to order it and pay for it rather than expect the kitty to bear the cost. Although John complained and insisted, I insisted more and managed to win!

When the wine arrived Matt was all over it. Complaining how expensive it was but then insisting on a glass. Pathetic little man. As I said to John, I couldn’t care less, as long as I had a glass. Mind you, it turned out to be a pretty expensive glass!

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