A sign of small wellies

The Lion and Lamb Yard was full of patiently queuing Sub 65’s as I sat reading a bit of Naomi Klein (That Changes Everything). Like the non-elderly, non-infirm, I was waiting for the clock to tick to 9 o’clock.

I was sat on a bench as the queue grew. Mind you, it didn’t have many people in it. The social distancing being practised meant the line stretched all the way down to Cote.

I didn’t need to look at the time. Normal shopping commenced with the line rapidly disappearing. I closed my book and left the Yard.

This was packed barely minutes before this was taken

The reason I was waiting was not for shopping – I’d already been in during the Oldies Hour. I needed to go to WH Smith to use the Post Office. I didn’t want to but needs must. And what a surprise it was.

I really dislike WH Smith in Farnham. The staff are not very good or helpful, it’s on the Borough and the aisles get a bit like a dodgem course when one is wheeling a trolley. Which reminds me…a lady was very complimentary about my trolley this morning. It still turns heads, it seems.

Going to WH Smith did mean I had the opportunity to check out the new footpath at the bottom of Castle Street. The guys working on it must be pleased about the lockdown because they haven’t had to contend with quite so many pedestrians and cars.

The reason I was having to head for WH Smith was because last week I made a photobook for mum and had to post it. The photobook turned out really well. It was just full of photographs taken around our house and garden with a few of the park thrown in. I thought she’d like to flick through and jog her memories a bit.

As it turned out, my trip to WH Smith was great. There were three customers in the whole place including me. I was in and out in about five minutes. All easy peasy. Like the footpath workers, I was rather glad about the lockdown.

Back at home, most of the day was spent researching people from Epsom.

Then, late in the day, we took our exercise by taking the girls up to Crondall for a walk around the fields.

Social distancing

We did see quite a few family groups and couples, most with dogs, but we all kept our distance while exchanging hearty greetings. Even Freya was allowed to fraternise given her latest season has ended.

The walk was absolutely glorious. Big sky and fields, a tractor ploughing one field while crops starting to emerge in another. Only this morning I watched a short Twitter video from a farmer who said that they were having to do a Spring planting because of all the rain at the back end of last year. I guess this chap was doing the same.

Our walk was exactly what we needed. It helped Mirinda deal with the day spent inside and it gave me a bit of exercise.

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3 Responses to A sign of small wellies

  1. Nictor says:

    nice weather vane in the last picture 🙂

  2. Mirinda says:

    Niktor you are odd. I hardly noticed the weathervane but only the wellies. Crondall churchyard was also very pretty with masses of daffodils and primroses. Utterly deserted.

  3. Nick Cansfield says:

    I do feel that is slightly harsh feedback!! 🙂


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