Staying home

I didn’t leave the house and garden today. I’m restricting myself to shopping for two days at a time rather than my usual every day. Perhaps it makes a difference at Waitrose, I don’t know, but I’d like to think so.

So, instead, my day was spent mostly in housework, garden pottering and some research in between. (Mirinda did take the girls for a walk at 5pm but I had to start cooking at 6pm so I didn’t go today.)

Being stuck at home when the weather is so glorious is hardly a chore. Particularly when the colours are starting to appear.

First camellia

I managed to finish filling the new raised bed made from the old wooden planter. Mirinda is thinking of putting some broom in it (that’s the plant and not the sweeping implement). It will have to wait for her to find some online. But it’s ready.

Of course, being a Thursday, the line came down late in the day. Mirinda was a bit concerned with it being up all week (like it normally is) until I assured her it would be gone for the weekend. In normal times, I put it up on Tuesday (when she leaves for work) and take it down on Thursday (when she returns).

She thinks it ruins the look of the garden.

I made sure she realised that it is her encroaching on my household routine and some things will not change. The washing line rota is definitely one of them. Particularly given the amazing weather.

It was surprising that we didn’t eat on the terrace at lunchtime. Mirinda claimed it was still a bit chilly. Seems a waste of some perfectly good sunshine if you ask me. I know I’d be eating outside if it was just me and the girls.

Speaking of the girls, I think that Freya has finished her season. Tomorrow I will know for sure because I washed the waffle blanket she sleeps on. No stains tomorrow means no more season.

Lunch was a normal Chez Gaz salad with the remaining half of the paleo loaf.

Normally I put a few balls of frozen spinach in the loaf – this is my addition to the recipe – but thewidespread panic purchase of frozen spinach has made that impossible. Not a problem, I thought, I’ll use fresh.

While using fresh spinach made no difference to the taste, it did make the loaf a bit greener in places. Rather off-putting if you’d never had it before.

Not that it put us off. It was all gone by dinner time.

For dinner I made pollo al chilindron which was lovely though I should have made some cauli-broc to go with it. There was rather a lot of oil to soak up. I must remember that for next time.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    It does look rather virulent green in the picture – but it was delicious!


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