End of eggs

In all the excitement of yesterday’s unexciting post, I forgot to mention the fight we witnessed at Frensham Little Pond yesterday. It was all over social distancing in a strange kind of way. It also caused quite a ruckus.

The pond has two resident swans. They feel that the entire pond is their private property and they tend to see off any other swans stupid enough to land on it. I reckon it’s the same swans we’ve always seen but Mirinda claims the original ones would be dead and these are yet another couple in the never ending natural ownership rules that govern the world of swans.

Today, rather than the couple, we saw only one. She was in a little pondette surrounded by rather dopey looking geese. At first we thought they were Canadian but, given their dumb expressions, I think they probably came from the White House.

Anyway, the swan was not happy with the geese and kept going for them. She swept through the water like a WWI battle cruiser, lowering the battering beak at each attack, sweeping the geese aside.

Not that the geese seemed particularly bothered. They would just move out of the her way and blithely float back once the coast was clear. There was no flying, just floating and dodging.

I thought I’d videoed it. I didn’t. I took a photo instead. Because I’m stupid.

Mirinda thought the swan was possibly protecting a clutch of eggs.

Speaking of eggs…it was Richard’s last delivery today. He handed over our final half dozen almost with a tear in his eye. He said he’d be back as soon as the lockdown was over. Rather annoying but perfectly understandable.

Things were pretty much the new normal today with Mirinda working from home and Emma taking full advantage of it.

I rang mum first thing (I didn’t go shopping and couldn’t visit the gym) and she was very sleepy. Denise had told me that she had been prescribed antipsychotic drugs because of her mood swings so I attributed her sleepiness to that. Denise said she hadn’t started taking them yet.

She couldn’t really have been sleepy from over activity. The care home is under lockdown conditions and they are basically being told to keep to themselves and in their rooms as often as possible. Of course, that was what mum said. The truth is not necessarily the same.

Still, we had a nice chat even though it was mostly about the virus and the First World War research I’m doing.

While chatting to mum, I noticed that Emma has decided we put the raised bed in especially for her.

I can’t blame her. With the glorious sunny weather we’re having, the raised bed is probably lovely and warm. She often lies on the path but I guess, being raised, the soil is warmer.

While happy with the garden improvements, Emma (and Freya) was much happier when we took off for Farnham Heath for our daily bout of exercise.

This is one of the lockdown rules. We can go out for essential shopping, prescription drugs, helping the elderly and infirm, the doctor and for one exercise session. This exercise session can include walking the dog(s).

The instruction, however, does not indicate how long it can be. A lot of people are claiming that means you can go out at 8am and get back at 6pm. Others wonder how it will be policed. Perhaps people should get a stamp each time they leave the house. Also, if one goes shopping on foot (like me) is that also their exercise for the day?

So many questions and so few answers.

Our walk was lovely apart from the woman walking her dog while constantly on the phone. This meant that her dog kept harassing us and she had no idea because her call was way more important. The dog needed to learn some social distancing.

Of course I don’t blame the dog. This was definitely a case of nurture not nature.

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