Laundry as art

This morning, Waitrose was almost back to normal. There were a few more people than usual but no great crowds of queuing under 65’s outside while us ancients happily picked and packed. It was all most civilised and greatly welcomed.

I did read a disturbing statistic that food waste has increased 30% due to people throwing away food that they panic bought a fortnight ago. Presumably they are also using more toilet roll than is strictly necessary.

While it was all rather more pleasant than it has been of late (the weather helped) my trip to Waitrose did throw up this rather sad sight.

Closed for the duration

The woman in the photo is a regular – she gets a coffee before work every day – but clearly didn’t get the memo. I had a notification on Instagram last night regarding the closing of Starbucks. At least I was prepared.

I passed a lot of people in the park on the way home. Most of them observed social distancing by moving onto the grass. They would then make a big effort to say good morning and smile. I think this is in order for people not to think they are being rude by keeping their distance. Mirinda observed this later at Frensham and thinks it may become a new kind of social etiquette.

I accompanied Mirinda and the girls to walk around Frensham Little Pond after lunch and it was glorious. There were a few family groups and couples out but no large groups. I’m wondering if this will change as the weather warms.

The view from Carmen’s bench

There were a few iffy moments when I had to pick Freya up (she’s still in season) but otherwise it was very pleasant and good to fill our lungs with fresh air and ourselves with vitamin D.

Vitamin D was in plentiful supply today as the sun remained beaming and the sky drenching blue. The washing line worked overtime today with loads of clothes flapping around in the slight breeze.

My yukata looking all arty on the line

While obviously the Great Isolation of 2020 will prove a major disaster for the world’s economy, at least the weather is good.

At 8pm, the prime minister announced that we were now in lockdown.

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