The Great Isolation of 2020

I have been watching the daily press conferences. It would appear that our prime minister is bored with them after only three. He’d lost count, asking the gathered reporters how many there’d been. When all we need is strong, decisive leadership, we get a buffoon who can’t count beyond two.

How come people who believe that their god has a plan, are scared to gather together in churches?

While the daily press conferences show that we don’t have a prime minister who cares about the country like he does the insurance industry; while they indicate we have a prime minister with few prime minister skills; there is one thing that keeps me constantly amused. That’s the deaf translators in the corner of the TV. I have no idea if they’re as funny to the deaf but they regularly have me in stitches.

In today’s briefing, apart from bluff and bluster, the government still didn’t announce wholesale closures of pubs, clubs, restaurants, etc, places where people gather. And because of this, it seems that pubs, clubs, restaurants, etc in London are booming. Business is great in this time of turmoil. A bit like profiteers making money selling single sheets of toilet paper for £5 each.

One positive aspect from the coronavirus is the increase in milkman deliveries. It seems a lot of people have suddenly discovered they can get their milk delivered by a milkman. Covid-19 is good for someone. And long may it continue after this crisis is just a memory.

I went to the gym this morning where social distancing is getting easier by the day. There were only four people in the whole place and all spread over the two floors. It felt like I had the place to myself. It was bliss.

Likewise at Neros where the only people sitting together were related or well known to each other. It was delightfully quiet again except for the concrete cutting going on outside in Castle Street on the footpath.

Waitrose was more crowded than normal but not as bad as yesterday though the shelves are getting less crowded as well. I took a stroll up the Carb Aisle (rice and pasta) and there was hardly anything left. The same with tins of spaghetti and baked beans. Maybe people will be forced to cook from scratch now. And drop their carb intake.

Later in the day we were talking about how we are of a generation ill-prepared for this pandemic. Being born in the West after WWII means conflict and plagues have been restricted to smaller areas than the entire planet.

We feel that we were born into a world regrowing, where everything was ours for the taking. And we took it. Right or wrong, it was a brilliant time to grow up and consume.

And now, the carpet is being pulled out from under us as we struggle to come to terms with the need for Social Distancing, continual hand washing and Self Isolation. Being kind and charitable and thinking of others rather than an obsession with our own enjoyment.

In more mundane news, the weather was gloomy today. It’s almost like the sun gets one day on, one day off at the moment.

I can’t take credit for the title. I ‘borrowed’ it from the amazing Dr Jessica Taylor.

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