Surprise in the time of Covid

I returned to the gym this morning. Everything was pretty normal. There weren’t many people there and those that were, largely didn’t bother wiping the equipment. I guess they feel they are so fit and healthy that the virus would never touch them. I guess it’s argument for the more work out, the lower the IQ.

In fact, I think this may be correct because there’s one guy who appears to live on a sunbed who grunts and groans and is generally really loud. He sounds like what I imagine Neanderthals sounded like though less articulate.

Today, for example, when I came downstairs to use the shower, he was pulling on something weighty and talking to someone. I say ‘talking’ but it was more like loud grunts. The person he was talking to seemed to be able to communicate normally and seemed to have the ability to communicate with Sunbed Boy.

I was my usual careful self and left feeling the usual satisfaction of realising I can still walk.

Neros was pretty empty. There are days I have to hunt down an inappropriate seat but not today. When I walked in, there were suddenly five customers. We naturally placed ourselves as far from each other as possible.

The boss barista said that they had reduced hours and put off some staff while trying to remain open as long as possible. Until they had to, they wouldn’t let the virus stop them.

While obviously not very good for Neros, it was lovely and peaceful. Well, ignoring the footpath guys outside yammering, swearing and making work noises.

Hate that sign!

Why can’t the sign say ‘Footpath’? Seriously? Who decided we walk on Footways? It’s not like the road to the left is called a Wheelway. Though I reckon I might start calling them that.

My coffee was, as I said, most enjoyable and devoid of the interruptions that usually occur as a result of people meeting in multiples. Which, in these days of Covid-19, it’s best to avoid. Whether you’re healthy or not.

Waitrose was looking a bit bare in places though not where it matters. The fresh fruit and veg were fine, the meat was fine except, strangely, for chicken. Not sure why people are panic buying chicken.

Speaking of panic buying, as well as the chicken, there were no toilet rolls, eggs, soap, sanitary wipes or flour. I’m not sure what these people are making but it doesn’t sound very nice to me.

Of course, I did a normal shop. The queues weren’t as bad as yesterday and I managed to get out in under an hour.

Given the daily changes to life in this country, we decided we should go and have lunch at the Holly Bush. It might be our last opportunity for a while and it feels good to support a local business.

Lunch, of course, was delicious, the beer perfect and the staff while understandably low, trying to be jolly. It’s important to pull together and help where you can. If that’s by going and having a drink and some lunch then so be it.

We’ve also booked in to the Chesil on Saturday night but we’re expecting they’ll be closed by then. Still, you never know.

Anyway, the prime minister’s father claims it’s essential we go to the pub.

The girls were very pleased because it meant a walk around the field next to the Frensham Cricket Club. Though they were a bit disappointed when we didn’t carry on towards Mirinda’s Frensham Country Walk.

Speaking of Mirinda, her back is improving by the day and things took a decided turn for the better this evening when I discovered a strip of Nurofen gel caps in my travel wash bag.

It’s not much but in this time of awful panic buying, hoarding and disregard for people who might actually need painkillers, it was a genuine and delightful surprise.

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