Healing the world

I rang mum today for our usual weekly catch up. She was very angry with the care home people, saying that the care home was in lock down and she hadn’t been told. According to her, she heard it from Denise.

In my usual Amendment WhatsApp Denise told me this was nonsense. Mum had told her and they weren’t in lock down yet anyway.

All of this must be very confusing for people with dementia. Particularly when they get angry so easily about things. In fact, mum was also angry about the food.

She told me she hadn’t eaten for three days because the food was inedible. She claimed that no-one was telling the chef his food was awful. Again, Denise corrected this account. Apparently mum told the chef he needed to go back to chef school and learn how to cook. For this, mum was put on the Bad Behaviour List.

The Bad Behaviour List is a bit like the ‘shots’ you get on Orange is the New Black where if you get enough, you’re put in the SHU. Except in the care home environment, you’re put in a special facility with closer care and control rather than Draconian solitary confinement.

Actually, our phone call was very pleasant. It was the most coherent and non-repetitive I’ve heard mum in ages. I managed to divert her away from raging against the lack of communication and inedible food and we discussed her brothers and our garden.

She asked me to send her some photos of the garden. Instead, after hanging up, I organised a photobook to send her, with lots of photos of our garden, the girls, us and the park. Hopefully she’ll like that.

Of course, I’d been shopping first thing. I was amazed at how normal everything was. Well, apart from the eager queue of unexpected shoppers lined up waiting for Waitrose for open.

Normally, after my coffee, I have Waitrose almost to myself. I stroll around the aisles, taking my time then self check out. It rarely takes more than ten minutes. Not so today.

Of course, there were no painkillers (for Mirinda’s back) in Waitrose because everyone is hoarding them. I did find some in Boots though. It seems that Boots, sensibly, has decided to limit the amount of certain items people can buy at once. Not before time, if you ask me.

Back at home I admired the magnolia, did a few odd jobs in the garden, put a casserole on for dinner and took the girls to the park.

Sick country; healthy magnolia

While thinking about the general health of the planet, today I saw a few items of hope. The canals in Venice are cleaning themselves with fish returning to the usually dead and foetid water. Satellite images of Italy show a massive reduction in pollution. The deer in Tokyo are returning to the streets.

As things progress, the world will heal a little bit, which has to be an upside.

Another upside, I discovered, is that I was able to book dinner at The Chesil for Saturday night at remarkably short notice. Mirinda feels we should support local, independent businesses so we’re going there for dinner. We also might go to the Holly Bush tomorrow for lunch, Mirinda’s back permitting.

Meanwhile, she spent the day in meetings (virtual) and I pottered. Up the park we ran into many people and dogs, which is always pleasant. I spoke to Neighbour Dave who is concerned about the football and what will happen with the rest of the season. We agreed that given the Aldershot performance at the moment, cancelling the entire season would be an excellent idea.

By the way, the chap waving in the photo at Waitrose above, is someone I see regularly in Starbucks. I had no idea he’d been waving when I took the photo and, in fact, only noticed when I uploaded it to the blog.

Here he is.

I’m waving back but using social distancing
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