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Our government has decided, it seems, to put the safety of the economy before us. The advice is for everything to remain open and for people to stay isolated for seven days if they feel unwell. Schools are open, toilet paper is flying off the shelves, Life in the UK is just peachy keen. Meanwhile the rest of Europe is rapidly, and completely, closing down.

It seems that organisations have decided to take matters into their own hands, given the conflicting information from around the world. For instance, it was announced late in the day that all Premier League, League 1 and League 2 football games will not be played given a few cases of coronavirus cropping up. The games are being rescheduled but it’s highly likely the season will not be completed.

Each day that passes sees more countries shutting up shop and hunkering down. Not the UK though. No. We’re open as usual for anyone to come and go as they please.

To be honest, we are hoping that the Dutch government closes down the Netherlands. We are booked to go there in three weeks but it looks like nothing will be open. If we’re not able to go then we’ll get refunds otherwise…we’ll just have to cancel and lose money.

Enough Covid-19.

Today was full of research as I continued to fly through Elstead. Though not before I flew into Farnham to shop.

The day was lovely, the park a delight, you wouldn’t think we were in the middle of a pandemic.

One good thing to come out of the present plague is a certain lack of pollution due to grounded aeroplanes. While we still have a few in the sky, a lot of them have nowhere to go so they are remaining on the ground. Other countries have just stopped flying. Anywhere.

The footpath in Castle Street is a bit wobbly. It has been for a long time. Well, at least as long as I’ve been walking up and down it. Someone has decided it needs replacing. I can’t but think this is after the successful re-footpathing of Downing Street last year.

I was a bit concerned that access to Nero’s would be limited. The Path People however, have started from the kerb and have merely blocked off all the car spaces. Works for me.

I assume the work will gradually creep towards the buildings but, while it lasts, I’m going to enjoy watching the work. And the irritation of parkingless drivers.

As I said, back at home I was entrenched in my office researching away. By 5:30 I had one, final name on the Elstead memorials. I really, really wanted to finish. Unfortunately my brain had other ideas.

The final push had all become a bit much. I stopped and went inside. I decided to finish the last one tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in the US, Donald Trump continues to blame everyone else. For everything.

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